Zoo Tycoon 2 Review

“Dad, what is this?””My monkey boy.””Oh, how much he looks like us!.””O patience, repent, repent!”Such a dialogue is likely to pass between a father and his child at the zoo. The boy is younger, his curiosity is at its peak, and he has no interest in asking heavy questions about every new thing he sees. When he is taken to a zoo, this curiosity becomes even more exaggerated. The boy tries to communicate with many creatures he sees for the first time in his life. And when he doesn’t succeed, he finds the cure by asking his family murderous questions. As the family burns with the passage of time and the time to return home approaches, the child spends a very pleasant time with the most diverse creatures he has ever seen in his life. The child then learns that their common name is called animals, and in fact they all have individual names. Finally, the day ends with the sounds of crying and screaming, and after a session of seeing a cute dog, the dialogue of asking for a dog. As you can see, in fact, zoos are much more social places than thought.
The lion’s manes are like flames
The Zoo Tycoon series is also a concept that allows us to be responsible for the installation and development of the zoo. We’re treating the empty land we have as a zoo. In it, we place animals that will keep visitors interested in curiosity at its peak, not only do we place them, but we are also responsible for their care. It is obvious that they are hungry, thirsty, polluted and want fun. And they all have different characters. Wild animals are more difficult to care for, and when they are not well cared for, they are quite dangerous and can be terrifying. Rather than showcasing the animals to visitors, it’s important to be even more successful by using them for recreational purposes. We can use our animals in various attractions and display them in clean and properly prepared fences. Not only our animals, but also the overall appearance of our park is very important. Visitors should be able to meet their needs comfortably and supply what they want. For example, when their bellies are hungry, we should have restaurants at their disposal, or when they are thirsty, we should have beverage machines where necessary. These are just two of the visitors ‘ requests. In addition, we also need to keep items such as benches, consulting tables, instructor sections, ATM machines in our zoo. Don’t call it a zoo. Zoo Tycoon 2 incorporates all these elements that we are talking about in a way that provides a detailed and fun element. Alone, after a little bit of twisting the work of setting up the park, placing and caring for the animals, we are a little screwed up when it comes to making money. It takes a long time for things to get back on track.

Zoo Tycoon 2 comes with different but actually familiar modes, as we are used to tycoon-style games. In particular, although its name is referred to differently in each game (for example, Sandbox), the mode passed as Freeform in this game has the property of being one of the most necessary modes. Here we are offered unlimited money, all the buildings and animals that we can use in our zoo. From this mode, we can use it to get used to the game, Try How we can design our park before moving on to the scripted parts. It can be seen as an ideal mode to get used to and completely warm up to menus. After completing the acclimatization process here, we can start playing the main modes in which we will try to achieve success. One of them is Challenge. We choose a land according to the climate and region we want, and we begin the construction of our park. This time, we have limited money, animals and buildings that have not yet been opened. When we make our park, we are given various tasks in the game and we try to succeed in them. On the one hand, we are dealing with the development of our garden, and on the other hand, we are trying to do what the task requires, which makes us very difficult. There is also the campaign as an important mode. Here, we also try to open others one by one, starting with the first scenario, and implement what campaigns require. I’m guessing Zoo Tycoon 2 will also be dealing with campaign and Challenge modes in general. In addition, there are Tutorial scenarios in Campaign mode, which play an important role in learning. It is also useful to look at them, as we already achieve the previous one, we can open the next one.
Camel hump like a mountain
Zoo Tycoon 2 features 3D graphics. The camera can be moved comfortably, with zoom in and out options. When we Zoom in, it can enter the park (although such an image form is also available alone). But I didn’t like the look of the camera when it was at the top. It gave the impression that the image was limited, so when we want to lay something somewhere, even if we take the camera to the top, the viewing angle doesn’t open too much, so we have to play with the camera too much. Apart from these, when we get the camera in Guest Mode, we start to wander through our park from a first-person view, and have the chance to take a closer look at the buildings and animals we have created. In addition, it is possible to show various actions while in this mode. For example, we can clean garbage that has been thrown on the ground, go to our animals, wash them, freshen their feed, or give them water. When the Zoo keepers we keep are inadequate, this is an important mode to help them. Apart from these, there is also a photo view. When we switch to this mode, we look like we’re holding a camera. We can photograph the colored squares that we can view, or the facial expressions that our animals display when they are having fun. More importantly, when playing in Challenge mode, taking pictures of some buildings from us can be given as a task. Then we’ll take advantage of this mode. When we switch to the mode we see from our own eyes, we can make more use of 3D graphics, but don’t expect super-quality work. After all, we are playing a strategy game, and 3D graphics filled with color images will already suffice.

The main theme of Zoo Tycoon 2 will be to properly place our garden and reach the maximum variety of animals that can attract visitors. We must cage our animals according to the natural regions in which they live and feed them as needed. Animals are usually happy when they have large areas. So we need to keep the space as wide as we can while we fence around them. It doesn’t end with fencing around the animals, of course, we have to provide them with the food and drink they need, and allocate a hut to suit their comfort. And there are levels of entertainment that we need to take care of. And for that, we have to put the various materials they can play in the fence. An animal that is bored has the property of being an unhappy animal at the same time. After this explanation, he said, “ What animal eats, plays with what, what does it want, what should we know?”there may be questions from people like them. And for that, the game thought of something pretty good. After selecting the animal we want to have in our garden, there is a consultant button in the menu that belongs to the animal on the right. Here is an option that you will apply to in many places and always use until you recognize animals. When selected, we can see what the animal eats, what fences and what huts it lives in, what materials it likes to play with, what landforms and nature elements it wants, and we can immediately use it to assemble it in our garden in a second. Considering this feature is also of great importance for those who have never played Zoo Tycoon before and are curious about the characteristics of animals. There are different, male and female animals. When you house two animals of the same species, different cisnte together, the female can become pregnant when the time comes and a new member can join the family. You can also coexist with animals that have the same nature and characters, but if you try to keep one wild animal and another living in the same place, then our polite animal is attacked and thus we become an animal for no reason. We should also pay attention to these differences, and if necessary, create different fences for each animal to be guaranteed. It doesn’t just end with our animals, we also have various employees who need to take care of them. These guys, who we call Zoo keepers, are responsible for the care of our animals. He gives them food and water, and when they get dirty, they wash them. Let’s remind you again, we can do these operations when we switch to Guest Mode.






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