War Plan Orange Review

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4 min readJun 3, 2021


There is a species called Wargame, which has drawn its own patterns and rules. In general, it does not appeal to everyone, it has its own audience. They follow and play new games in the genre. In the resulting productions, there are no graphics, it is their details and content that are important. At the slightest mistake, you can lose the game, even one unit can change the course of the battle. Such productions do not come to the market much. If you like the wargame genre like me, War Plan Orange: Dreadnoughts in the Pacific 1922–1930 was released.


Dreadnoughts 1. They were the heaviest ships of the period used during World War II. They were floating castles with heavy artillery and armor. 2. They were also used in World War II, but then they were replaced by faster and more durable ships. Especially 2. They suffered the wrath of aircraft carriers in World War II. Many of the dreadnoughts were buried in the waters by aerial bombardment. Many of them are abandoned today. These old battle forts were used in bomb trials, razed or sled and left to rot.

1. These ships, which are one of the important Trumps of World War II, have also given their name to our game. At that time, owning this important weapon was considered a great advantage. Britain’s Navy, in particular, was considered the strongest in the world at the time. It was the country with the most of the Dreadnoughts, but 2. In World War II, these powerful states were broken. As the name suggests, our game is about the struggle in the Pacific. We play a leading role in the struggle between the Japanese and the Americans. The main menu of the game is made as a control panel. Here we can adjust a lot of details about the gameplay. All we have to do is choose a script later and get into the game.

War game

It is always a mistake to expect graphics from games of the wargame type. The important thing is the content and gameplay it offers you. War Plan Orange reveals this, the image on the screen is a map of the Pacific Ocean and its surroundings. In addition, in some battle scenes, we can switch to the two-dimensional part. We can compare this side to the Battle part of Heroes of Might and Magic. The enemy and your navy are facing each other, statistics are extremely important. Armour of your ships, weapons, etc… details determine the winner of the fight. If you get hurt, we can have our war machines repaired at the shipyards. However, it can take a lot of time to get an entire ship to the nearest shipyard that belongs to you, then have it repaired and put it back in the sea.

War Plan Orange is a turn-based strategy, so it’s based on statistics, enemy movements, units, etc… you almost have to consider a lot of details and make your next move. A wrong move can have bad consequences. Interface the movement of the enemy, your units, etc… he can provide you with all the necessary information. It’s quite detailed, sometimes you can get overwhelmed between them. Depending on the weapon, model, position and other details of your units, tactics and arrangement are divided into sub-branches. Attacks, enemy movements, where what happened, etc… you can learn a lot of details. Don’t get too confused on the menu when you say extras for your convoys, your fleet of planes, your pilots, your units.


Battles are very difficult, you can suffer sudden and powerful attacks. So we have to be careful in defence as well. For example, one of our units discovers an extraction and informs you. You need to take the necessary measures in relation to the intelligence that comes to you. You have to think about yours and how to defend against the enemy’s strength of soldiers and weapons.

There are some mistakes in the game, the most important of which is that the screen gets into each other. Sometimes, when you want to choose the point where you will attack, the screen can be absurd. It’s getting into each other on its own. If you want to enter the menu showing the statistics of your ships and then return to the main battle map, the menu and the map stick together. This error undermines the game because you can’t make the attack you want to make. If you turn your hand over, the incident of mixing the screen with each other after a while after switching to computer control improves. This is a major problem, The Matrix company has released a patch that adds new units and fixes errors, I recommend downloading and installing it. If not, you will not be able to play the game with this problem.

Graf Zeppelin

Completing the game with the battle sounds used. The pieces playing in the back are enough for the atmosphere of war. Although the details and variety in the menus sometimes bring people to the point of depression, they offer a fairly rich bunch of content. The only problem is that the screen is confused, which normally reduces the potential in the game. If you like the wargame style, I would say take it, if you are not interested in this genre, the game may seem pretty bad and simple to you.