Virtua Tennis Review

Yeah, yeah, I want a tennis game that’s over the top,you know??? You haven’t had a proper one in years. If there is a fiasco at Virtua Tennis, which I will examine now, I will have to punish you(!).. We don’t want anyone getting hurt, do we?

They haven’t really played a proper game of tennis in years. In fact, there are many tennis games, but for some reason, none of them were much liked by players who could not hold on to the market. I think Virtua Tennis is much better than the others. You ask why?

Because it’s really fun. As soon as I play and like it, you open and play many times during the day. Anyway, enough deer, let’s do some work. Virtua Tennis makes an installation of about 400 MB. There are a lot of innovations that weren’t in previous games. Screen resolution can be up to 1280x960. In fact, this game is not very unfamiliar to console users. It’s the first time I’ve seen a console version in a program. Later, they prepared this game in the Pc platform.

The graphics and sounds aren’t really good, but how good can you expect it to be in a tennis game anyway? That’s good enough. There’s a bit of trouble with lonely sounds, sudden cuts, etc. as. It’s not very nice in the audience, but after we play the first set, we understand that the audience is not that important because we usually chase the ball, so you don’t have much time to look at the audience. There are 2 types of camera options, either from the top or from the back of the player. You can play alone as well as in double teams. In this circuit, virtual intelligence appears, I think it’s done very well. Your teammate can run to the left while you run to the right. Apart from that, there is a World Tour. From here, you can join the courts all over the world. In addition, among them, you are given small tasks that you must complete. For example, pins are lined up in front of you and you are asked to overthrow them all with 6 Services. If you do, new courts will open elsewhere in the world. With the money you get from every match you win, you can buy new rackets, clothes, even hidden courts. I think it meets everything you’d expect in a game of tennis. Although the graphics sound is not very good, the playability is not so bad. It can be a little difficult at first. But if you’ve played another game of tennis before, it’s not hard. In addition, the game has multi-player support, if you want to play on the internet with other friends.

Final words :

I think it’s the best tennis game ever made for Pc. Jedi Knight 2 does not seem to be a very attractive option among very good games such as Blood Omen 2, but if you like tennis games, be sure to take it and try it…




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