Viewtiful Joe Review

Viewtiful Joe, which Capcom released for the GameCube a year ago, is now on our PS2s. The GameCube version of joe was undoubtedly one of the most successful productions of 2003, and Capcom, who knew this opportunity, was not late in preparing the PS2 version of the game. The company also added Devil May Cry’s famous character Dante to the PS2 version of the game, making this version even more interesting.

As every game has a theme, Viewtiful Joe has a scenario, even if it is ordinary, although this scenario, which is too ordinary, does not interest us players much, because the main purpose of this type of game is entertainment. However, to briefly mention the script: an evil race named Jadow attacks Movie Land, which is considered Joe’s home in a way, and Joe has to defend his home. Joe is actually nothing more than an ordinary fighter, but when he wears his outfit that looks like a quote from Superman, he can eat his enemies like cookies.
Ready !.. Action !?!
And our enemies are usually creatures with ordinary characteristics, including those with teeth. The only way to defeat these toothed enemies is our features, which become active when we wear our red outfit. These characteristics benefit us greatly in defeating our enemies. For example, when we use the Slow feature, time slows down, and at this time we move faster than our enemies, so we have the opportunity to apply combos without allowing them to hit.

As the name suggests, the mach speed feature makes you incredibly fast. I suggest you press the Keys as fast as you can while hitting your enemies, because after a while Joe starts to heat up because of the speed, and when he catches fire, he starts to burn in your enemies. Zoom, unlike Slow and Mach speed, is not about our speed, but about our strike power. In this way, we can hit our enemies like a shooting star from top to bottom. Of course, we do not have the opportunity to use these features in an unlimited way. We can use our superpowers until the level in the superpowers bar at the top of the screen runs out. After this level, Joe’s red suit disappears for a while. Soon, when the power bar automatically charges itself, Joe puts on his red suit again, and our superpowers are at our disposal again.

Although our goal in Viewtiful Joe is to defend Movie Land, I think Joe knows that the best defense is attack, searching for his enemies everywhere, from sewers to the sky, from city streets to conglomerates and space. I don’t think we need to say that these episodes have different features, because the game is not played with the logic of killing enemies, solving puzzles, and achieving the goal in every episode. Sometimes you even get on a plane and shoot-em up in the sky. Naturally, these mini-games that diversify the game also prevent you from getting bored.
Unlike classic fighting games…
Viewtiful Joe is a game that manages to prove that games of its kind will never disappear. In addition to the playability of the game, there is no doubt that its awesome puzzles have an effect. ‘Slow, Mach Speed and Zoom’ features that we use for fights will also be used in puzzles during the game. For example, if we need to get on a vehicle with a propeller flying in the air and go up, we use the Slow feature to slow down time, so the propeller of the vehicle slows down and the vehicle goes down. After we get in the car, we use the Mach Speed feature to make the propellers turn fast and we can go upstairs. Also, we use Mach speed to light the fuse of some bombs, and we constantly hit the bomb. Of course, when Joe gets hot due to excessive speed, he catches fire, and the fuse of the bomb burns, in fact, this is a camel’s ear, because there are dozens of puzzles designed like these. That’s enough to prove that Viewtiful Joe isn’t the kind of game to kill anyone.
A game that deserves to be among the classics!
Viewtiful Joe is a great production that proves to everyone that 2D is not dead. Joe, As with almost every Capcom game, is actually an entertainment package that you can linger for a long time with a lot of extras, developable features. Even if you’re not interested in such games, I think you should definitely give Joe a chance…




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