Uplink Review

Uplink Review

Uplink. It’s like Grand Theft Auto 1. Actually, this game has been out a long time. But I wanted to write a review for both nostalgia and those who don’t know and don’t know about this game. As a style, I compare it to the same GTA 1 as I said at the beginning. When GTA 1 first came out, the graphics and sounds weren’t really very heartwarming. The appearance from the top was not very attractive to most players. But those who liked and played did not care about these cons of the game, were caught up in its content and the effect of the pleasure it gave. Here’s the Uplink just like this. It offers us nothing in terms of graphics and sound. But come and see, the idea is that being a hacker is very interesting and so attractive. From the outside, being a hacker seems like a simple, illegal and charismatic job to all of us. It is obvious how difficult things are with this game, but also how enjoyable the danger it poses.

My boy didn’t win college…

When you start the game, your computer appears directly in front of you. The year is in the 2030s. MBS have now left their place to the Gigaquads. Of course, internet speeds are also at the lowest 512k/sec. Considering that this is like 56k modems compared to our time, we haven’t really progressed much in those years. Over time, you earn money with tasks or other ways to improve your computer. There are all kinds of missions you can think of. When you first open your machine, you receive your tasks from the Uplink Internal Services System. When you connect there, a Mission List appears, and from there you choose the one that suits you and start the mission. Tasks include everything from very mundane jobs to very volatile jobs. If you earn money, develop your machine, and perform a lot of tasks, your rating as an agent increases, and the tasks begin to become difficult. At first, you start by registering friends who can’t enroll in college, and in the future, you clean up people’s history by entering criminal files. In addition to such flying jobs, you also have jobs such as migrating the system or copying/deleting small files. There is also a certain freedom in the game. For example, you can enter gel pleasure gel mode by entering the bank’s accounts without taking any duties and transferring money to your own account. Although at first it seems impossible to access bank accounts, but it’s still an option.

Favorite program “ Log Deleter”

Breaking into systems, breaking passwords on login screens, etc. of course, there are a lot of programs that you need for work. We get them again for money from where we get the duties. At first, we don’t have to work too hard to get into the systems, because the tasks are simple. But in order not to be caught when you move forward, you must necessarily delete logs when you leave the systems, disable security systems such as firewalls, proxies to log in to the system. They have separate programs. With the money you earn from the tasks you do, you can do higher-level tasks by taking this software. There’s a map on your screen. New places are added on this map as you work. When you receive a mission, the corresponding location appears on the map. Just click directly to connect there. But if you’re going to break the system, the risk of getting caught if you connect directly is huge. Before starting any task, you must run a program called Trace Tracker. This program shows you how many seconds the system you attacked can find you. For this reason, the more remote you connect to where you will connect, the more time this time increases. To do this, you must connect to the system called InterNIC and get the addresses there in your favorites list. In this way, you can extend the path by clicking on all the places on the map before connecting to the place where you will connect and provide the time needed for your work.

What chart? What voice?

As I said at first, there is not the slightest graphics or proper sound in Uplink. Apart from the music playing in the background, you hear different sounds in 1–2 places. Chart World Map, which you can see more than an additional chart pattern. But despite everything, the game is very enjoyable. Content, what you can do, the freedom it provides makes you forget about graphics. And it’s not installed on your system at all. Even in very low systems, you can easily play the game.

Final Words:

Uplink is a very good game and only one as you really thought. Maybe firms can pull off this kind of game again. Of course with more details and graphics support. Despite everything, the game keeps you in front of the computer for hours. Missions go from simple to difficult. Especially when you go too far, even forgetting to delete logs and leaving the system causes you trouble. It’s fun to make money and upgrade your computer. At first, you can break passwords in a very short time in the future, when you are trying to break a password. And you don’t have to chase missions all the time. Companies that see you as a successful hacker pay you to test their systems. If not, necessarily obtain. It’s a game that really needs to be seen and experienced.




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