The Quarry Review

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8 min readJul 3, 2022
The Quarry Review

In our review of The Quarry, we take a look at the general structure of the game, which proceeds in the taste of traditional horror films.

The Quarry is the new horror/adventure game from Supermassive Games, which has previously released successful games of a similar genre. Although it is debated how true it is to call this genre horror, we call it teen slasher “Scream” “13. Films like ”Friday” have content in the style of.

A taste of a horror movie: The Quarry review

The Quarry, which is a much larger-scale job than The Dark Pictures Anthology series that Supermassive Games has released three games so far, has done a good job as a big-budget game that also hosts many familiar faces, has it managed to go beyond Until Dawn, let’s check it out together.

Let’s Go Camping and Die

The Quarry tells the story of 9 teenagers who take a job as overseers at a summer camp called Hackett’s Quarry. We witness two overseers who decided to go to the camp a day early when their car went off the road because of “something” that came in front of them and noticed the surrounding oddities while trying to fix the vehicle. In a short time, the young people who encounter the police who Ted Raimi gave life to manage to reach the camp and after the events that have developed, our story begins.

The summer camp is over, the children are packed on the bus and sent home, and it’s time for the camp supervisors to leave. The supervisors, who are young people with boiling blood themselves, realize that they will not be able to see each other later, and this makes some of them more upset. Although the camp supervisor hurries for the young people to get home quickly, because of the “accidental” breakdown of the car, the overseers are forced to spend another night at the camp.

While our young people who do not listen to the “Do not leave the building” warnings made to them are making preparations to have fun by the fire, they also do not care about the stories of uncanny hunters or mysterious forest witches walking around. The story goes in different directions as the game progresses and interferes with our choices. What happens next is entirely in our hands.

How good the story itself is is an open topic for discussion. I don’t expect a very big story for the concept of ”teenagers escaping death in a camp”, but there are many points where I get stuck on both the processing of the story and the characters. Since the gameplay of the game is about making choices that will affect the story, I expected them to take some care in this part, but it didn’t happen.

First of all, almost all of the characters are “Mal!”he’s making moves at a level that will make you shout at the screen. I’m not talking about what we direct the characters with our choices, we see a lot of them in situations where we can’t interact. After looking out the window and seeing a strange creature under the spotlight, they make movements such as walking around as if nothing had happened and then saying, “Haa, I saw something, but I wasn’t sure”. Or there are situations when there are characters who help him after biting his friend “bear”, but completely ignore it, while two minutes later the battered boy asks the others “is he all right”.

I can accept some of the movements as “young people can do it, after all,” but there have been moments when I have questioned how some characters have survived to this age. Moreover, they tried to introduce the characters in the opening part of the story and took it so slowly that I started to get bored after a while. They can’t Decently introduce the characters either, we just listen to unnecessary conversations between two characters usually. I can admit that they are careless and reckless teenagers, but some of their movements are really forced. However, let me admit that they entertain me with small jokes or references that they make from time Dec time.

The game has done a very successful job in terms of the story and events that have taken shape according to the choices we have made. At some point in the story, attention has been paid to small details such as the fact that the events that will cause one of the characters to lose his hand (or his life) will be prevented by a decision we made at the very beginning of the game, and this is an option that no one will even think of.

It’s a story-poor but enjoyable adventure to experience. There is not much I can complain about without spoilers, so I can write that much. But before I left, it occurred to me that the scenes of Supermassive Games where the characters who survived the traditional endgame talk are not present in this game. I’ve also checked the other endings to see if it’s me, it’s not there. We provide brief information about the characters’ post-game status and then listen to a podcast recording. A long podcast recording accompanied by a single visual. For people like me who don’t enjoy listening to podcasts, it’s so boring that I couldn’t even finish it. It has a very weak ending.

The Quarry

Press X To Hold Your Breath!

The Quarry, just like previous Supermassive Games games, is a game that requires you to make decisions and sometimes complete events that develop as a result of these decisions with a quick press of the keys. You also have the opportunity to visit some parts of the game, which is more like an interactive movie, but these parts are less retained compared to previous games. I could have taken a minus under normal circumstances, but it’s even good here.

In some parts of such games, our characters are able to travel around and collect various clues and objects that provide information about the future. The same is available in The Quarry, but it is very weak compared to previous games. We can’t get information with the notes we collect from the environment, we can barely intervene in the events that will happen, and even the tarot cards that show the future work poorly. In any case, the characters are so slow that they walk slowly, even when they press the don’t hurry button. We have characters who start looking at certain points pointlessly while moving, who can’t even get the tarot card under their hand because it’s not at the right point.

The clues we find are usually things that don’t affect the course of the game, they were put just for fun. They summarize what happened to you, we learn very little new information. As we also received tarot cards, we can’t see the events Dec the woman who guides us between the episodes asks, “will you look”. Even then it shows only one tarot card, the other remains hidden until the next game. You’re being punished for investigating. The most important features of these games must be the choices and the “press the right button” events that we call QTE. We have already mentioned the story part of the elections, now let’s look at the QTE side. The company, which uses Man of Medan and QTE sequences intensively enough to cause characters to die, had reduced the rate of this in its subsequent games. Together with The Quarry, they have made the QTE sequences simpler. We don’t do much other than pull the analog lever in the right direction or press a key (usually the O key) at the right moment.

There’s also holding our breath, holding our breath, and shooting. Don’t expect rhythm game-like things like the House of Ashes game in the breath holding part, just hold X for the right amount of time. And shooting is more important than how fast you are, whether you are shooting in the right place or not.

QTE sequences are not as difficult as they used to be, but they can also be made even easier if you want. It is even possible to play without making any mistakes with the choices you will make from the accessibility options. In fact, the game also has a cinema mode, but there are nice options for players who just want to see the story or those who find it difficult in various sequences by making the choices.Moonlit Lake View

I played the Playstation 5 version of The Quarry and the game looks very nice visually. It is Decisively the most beautiful looking among the company’s games. In addition to the characters modeled on real players, the campsite and the surrounding forest also have impressive views. The character animations are usually very good, there are few problems with them, except that they focus on those points that we can not interact with during free navigation. And facial animations sometimes seem strange. They bite his leg, expressions appear on the character’s face as if he had bitten a fly. There have been times when I thought that the animation of the face was slipping, but not too much.

The only thing that looks bad in the game must be the water in the pool. The rest of the game looks so Decently beautiful that those scenes are officially grinning in the meantime. Finally, there is a transformation animation of our arch-enemies in the game, they are officially too cold to do. I think they said “finish in five minutes” to the person who did these two. I can’t find any other logical explanation.

The game is quite good at both sound and music. The selected music is beautiful, the scenes in which it is used are beautiful, even the game has added different music that is exclusive to publishers, which will not cause copyright issues. Although there are some who eat royalties from these music, but fine. More music was used than in previous games, and I liked it in general.

The Quarry has done a great job with its cast of real actors in voice acting. Ted Raimi (Twin Peaks), David Arquette (Scream), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), who you can remember from the old horror movies and TV series, portray the older characters. Among the Decoys are Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu) Ariel Winter (Modern Family) and Brenda Song (Zack and Cody). The actors have all done a very good job of bringing the characters to life.

There is not a huge difference between the Playstation 5 version of the game Dec the Playstation 4 version. Only HDR support is coming, I couldn’t try it because I didn’t have the right screen. It provides smooth and smooth gameplay with close FPS values on both platforms. There are also no gameplay mechanics specific to Dualsense.

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