Texas 540 Pilothouse Review

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1 min readJul 20, 2021


Texas 540 Pilothouse Review

We think it’s a boat that needs to be examined for certain fishing enthusiasts. The Texas 540 Pilothouse, a product sold by panomarin, is also quite ambitious in terms of material quality and robustness.

The company’s information about the boat is as follows:

This boat has everything it needs to know about its personal boundaries. It is offered with a top sole, which is indispensable by heavy hunters. An open pilot house provides quick access to the cockpit. It is very clean, very spacious and julbstlenzende makes cockpit fishing an excellent experience. A good boat for catching big fish. Texas Pilothouse fills the eye with its high quality and craftsmanship and wide standard equipment . For example, a phone with a steering wheel and Sky pole in the cab is always standard.


Length( m): 5.40

Width (m) 2.35

Height (m) 2.30

Height on trailer (m) 1.80

Height from waterline (m) 1.90

Cabin height from seat (m) 0.90

Cabin height from floor (m) 1.29

Cabin length (m) 1.81

Driver stand ceiling (m) 1.90

sleeps 2

Cabin reclining area (LxB) 21.81×1.90

Cockpit (LxB) 1.95 x 1.96

Draft (m) 0.40

Weight (kg) 600

Category C

Max engine (PS) 100

shaft length long shaft (L)

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