Tennis 2K2 Review

Tennis 2K2 Review

A new version of Virtua Tennis, Tennis 2K2, which breathes new life into the only available tennis games on the market, was released in the same time period as other 2K2 games. The game was again created by Hitmaker, as in the previous version, but we found that Sega got the name 2k2, which Visual Concept, which designs 2K2 sports games, uses.


I think the game has improved a lot compared to the first version. First, there is a great improvement in the charts. We don’t see much change in the external modeling, namely the court, the fans and other details. But the tennis players have made great progress compared to the first version. Both his movements and facial modeling make the truth very good. As I said at one important point, in character movements. As you know, every professional tennis player has his own techniques. For example, each tennis player has a different style of Service shooting. Some take the ball behind him and bring it up like that, and some hold it in front of him until the ball goes down. They examined these movements of tennis players in real life one by one and reflected them in the game in the same way. Another innovation is now the presence of female tennis players in the game. Among these female tennis players are socialite brothers Venus and Serena Williams, whose reputation has spread all over the world. Other recognized names that we can call the best tennis players of our time; There are a total of 16 tennis players, such as Patric Rafter, one of the young and successful names in the tennis world, Tim Henman, and Cedric Pioline, a veteran of this business, who showed the success of playing in the men’s final in Wimbledon last year. Of course, like most of you, I’m sorry that Hülya Avşar is not in this game :)).


The game consists of 3 main modes. From these modes, you play in a tournament called SPT. As you know, in exhibition, you can fight up to four people against the computer or in multiplayer with your friends. In the World tour, you also participate in various tournaments held in countries on the world map and try to gain a place in the world ranking like a real tennis player. In addition, you open training on the map and have fun with mini-games. In addition, you can buy clothes from shops, spouses(don’t get me wrong for couples :)) or even courts. If you finish this mode successfully and take first place in the world ranking, you will open all the tennis players, courts, clothes and all other inventory. Another event that I especially want to mention is the opportunity to create your own tennis player. This episode is housed in the World Tour, and you are trying to get a place in the world ranking with this character you have created. When creating your tennis player, you can decide for yourself whether you hold your hair longitudinal, back hand single or double.


In the previous lines, we mentioned the game’s graphics a little bit, but there are a few more things that need to be explained. In the previous version, the audience was slightly adjusted. But they still don’t look good. As I said, tennis players ‘ faces and facial expressions, body shapes, movements are all great. I say moves in particular because it’s been the biggest problem in the kind of games that have come out so far. In some, the arms and legs look like relics, in others, the hand movements look very bad. But tennis 2K2 also has great hand and arm movements, as if it manages real people. The music is a Sega classic. No, I’m not saying it’s beautiful, I just want a change from Sega. I want a word on these beautiful Rock music now. Those who play Marvel vs Capcom 2 know very well how oral music brings beauty to the game. From him, I think that such music is now stereotyped. The sounds are almost identical to the first version of the game. As a novelty, women’s voices were added So(e!). So, as you can see, there is not much innovation in technical features. But there is a huge renewal in the techniques of tennis players. For example, in a for hand stroke, he brings his racket straight from behind and then grabs it by the knuckle with his other empty hand and pulls the racket over his shoulder, everything is very well designed. (As I put it, but¿) also, even the movement of extending an empty hand forward at the moment of hitting, which has become a habit of many tennis players, is obvious in this game.


Maybe Tennis 2K2, which will be chosen as the sports game of the year, is a game that is difficult to find and quite fun. At a time when the Dreamcast is starting to play its last trumps, I think it should be taken without missing out…



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