Resident Evil 5 Review

Resident Evil 5 Review

A dark forest, a small team, and many characters that will shed light on the future. It’s been 13 years since this adventure began, and we’ve been on an epic adventure every time. Some moments came, we got lost in the shadows, some moments came, we shared this full story of characters. But most importantly, we witnessed the story of the destruction of an entire city. It was more flamboyant at the time, with a detail in every frame, a different story in every frame. He shared more with us, always maintaining his greatness, even in moments of silence. His name, which grew heavier over time, grew bigger with each game. It has become one of the rare productions that excites a person when its name is mentioned. What happened now? Every beautiful story has an end, Resident Evil (RE) has now sailed to a completely different land. That ship’s first stop was Spain.

The last time we remember him as a rookie cop is Leon S. Kennedy appeared charismatic in the fourth game, shaking the game world as he held it. By saying shoulder-mounted camera, fast gameplay, smart enemies, different and beautiful locations, RE4 was voted game of the year many times in 2005. But despite these successes, he left behind a seriously sad audience. Because this game had abandoned the soul of Resident Evil and become something else. There were no longer as many factors as before, such as puzzles, dark and eerie atmosphere. He had already come out of the Survivor-Horror genre with a changing camera system and laid the foundations for the action. However, even that beautiful script of the play did not come out very successfully, we witnessed what agent Kennedy went through to rescue the president’s kidnapped daughter. Although he recovered the situation a little, thanks to the characters in the mind, it seemed to show how the new RE games will come out in front of us. Then, in the same year, dear Capcom announced Resident Evil 5, and the long 4-year wait began.

Raccoon, Rockfort Island, Spain, now we’re in Africa

As you know, we left the zombies in Raccoon behind, and we said What would happen right now, Capcom introduced us to the Las Plagas virus by introducing us to the Los Illuminados sect. Actually, it would be more accurate to call it a parasite, not a virus. Because in re, along with everything, the virus era is over. Thanks to these parasites, there are no more brainless zombies, there are stronger and faster enemies who can move by thinking. Of course, in our new game, we also see the impact of these until the end, even exaggerated in places. And what happened, our path extended to this warm Land of Africa. Of course, you will learn this while playing the game, but I still want to give you some information about the topic. After the closure of the umbrella, which is the beginning of everything, the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security assassination Alliance) union is established to control the events, that is, the movement against Bio-terrorism is started. In Africa, where the game takes place, something is also thought to be related to Umbrella, but as he cannot be sure, De BSAA takes action and Chris Redfield, who joins the team after Raccoon is destroyed, is sent to the region to investigate the events. Sheva Alomar, one of the Agents of the African Western Branch of the BSAA, who has changed the structure of RE5 as radically as possible, is also given to us as a partner, and thus we find ourselves fighting for survival in a wild society.

And our first step into town, we can easily see that people are not normal. When you think that events can start at any moment, the inhabitants of Kijuju attack you, and events begin to flow. Of course, there is a parasite like Las Plagas here, and we are enemies, naturally, quite intelligent… even use any object, competitors here can even use engines, buses, trucks, no different from MotoGP or Dacar rally drivers next to many firearms.

In short, the enemies somehow catch the one who flies and the one who escapes. Then, can we? Here we are in the class of those who cannot fly, cannot escape. Chris, the last time we saw him in Code Veronica X, was a dirty character. But in Africa, we are greeted by a completely different Chris. He’s now in the heavy vehicle class, so cumbersome that he just waves from behind as the game flows. And, of course, thanks to Capcom, our life and liver, he’s got his hands on the enemy. Large area, narrow area, closed, open without noticing, enemies are coming at you in a pile.

Someone who doesn’t know will think Chris is a character from games like Prince of Persia, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. But where? Chris has become a disastrously incapable character of mobility. Of course, when it comes to the fact that he can’t do a few jobs at the same time, we can call it a burnt rose linen halva. He can’t move, he can’t use his gun, he can’t change a clip, he can’t talk, he can’t do anything. These situations have to stop, we think Chris is not a normal person, or Capcom is not a firm where normal people work. I couldn’t figure out how they came up with such logic when I was playing the game. Also, while you are so heavy, the enemies are on the contrary, like an acrobatic group that participated in the Olympics. Naturally, you’re either trying to kill them all, which usually means reducing your bullets to zero, or you’re running away.


Speaking of running away, don’t be misunderstood, not out of fear, because you don’t want to deal with enemies, because as I said, our mobility is so weak; in the same way, when spaces have very limited movement sections, there are some moments that you are very bored. Already these moments and the game also appear after a few episodes have passed, understanding what is what, the logic of RE5’s progress. In the next scenes, “Off again, who’s going to bother now?”he throws a nara and says force to the base, you run away from that area. In fact, the problem is due to the mismatch between Chris and the spaces. You know, we can’t go and jump anywhere we want, so you have to keep up with the place. For example, when you want to climb a place, you use a ladder, while competitors cross it in a jump. He’s got a chainsaw in his hand, he’s even having trouble walking, but he can jump three feet up or put a giant machine gun on his back, but he instantly exceeds a few meters by “Hop.” In such a case, while we have such narrow mobility and space, the fact that enemies are so agile also constitutes the biggest handicap in terms of playability.

The problem with playability doesn’t end there. Killing is torture. I’m not talking about aiming and killing. Let me put it this way, you don’t go to the tip of the enemy’s nose to kill someone, you create some distance, and that’s how you start shooting. Already this situation in general in games occurs very comfortably. But as I said in RE5, it has become a complete torture. Because the esteemed gentleman Chris can’t do anything when he moves, and he doesn’t move when he shoots. And in this case, the enemies have the opportunity to approach us easily. And that’s where a terrific vicious circle emerges. Whether it’s a person or no more, you run away from the man you want to kill first, and after you’ve created enough distance, you turn and shoot. When he approaches you, you run again, after you create a distance, you turn and shoot again, and again, again, again… it continues until those who come to you or come to you die.

How fun and exciting is that? Although there seems to be no pleasure or excitement here, boss battles come across as differently as possible. You know, the first thing you see is that you think it’s impossible for these giant creatures to die, but the game gives you one convenience at a time. Because each boss already has a weak spot, it takes a few seconds to notice it, and you easily kill it. But I can safely say that the fights were very enjoyable. The place I enjoyed most about playability was boss battles.

There’s beauty, there’s no mind!

As I mentioned earlier in my article, with the participation of Sheva, the logic of gameplay has changed radically. Actually, RE5 was very enjoyable when you played with a friend. You know, you say this is a co-op, but if it’s up to Sheva’s artificial intelligence, wow, us… because our beautiful partner has never left us, you can witness scenes where you are stuck in moments when enemies are crowded. And when you start running so I can run away, it’s often behind you. “So what if he’s left behind?”you can say, I’ll give you the answer. We can’t go through the loading doors alone, and when we press the desired button, the camera suddenly focuses on Sheva and shows that you have to wait for her to arrive. The enemies you run away from so I don’t waste bullets also come with Sheva, and naturally that little space with the doors is often filled with our enemies. I mean, why can’t Chris open the door alone? Why not without Sheva? I haven’t figured out. There have been moments when I’ve died like this many times. Of course, the funny thing is that Sheva spends so much ammunition on the men you kill with a bullet or two, Mrs. Alomar empties a clip and then yells at you that I need a bullet. Because of this, I have killed many enemies myself, so what do I not understand from this partner?

The camera system used also, unfortunately, cannot offer what is required. Because Chris already takes up more than half the screen novices, you’re also trying to see the area left to you. In addition, since the right analog camera, which is free 360 degrees under normal conditions, is focused on Chris in the RE5, we also miss what is happening in the space. For example, in one part of the game, a dead soldier suddenly falls in front of us. But because the camera was fixed on Chris and showed a narrow area, I could only see that soldier’s helmet. Later, when I turned that way, I realized that the Fallen was a soldier. That’s why I couldn’t experience that element of fear that RE5 wanted to provide, albeit very rarely. So, as it seems, there is such a bad camera system that it cannot reflect what is wanted to be given to the player.

My fear elements?

The biggest factor affecting the fear element is that dynamic music from years ago informs everything that is going on in the space… this squeezes a 5x Zoom Sniper bullet into the fear factor. You enter a field and enemies start flocking with the music, the music still continues, even though you have downloaded most of it, and then you see that the enemy is still standing in the corner on the shore, so you take it down, and the music ends. What was the need for that? In any case, the element of fear is over, and that’s how he killed the last remaining struggles, dear Capcom.

After talking so much about the logic of gameplay, you can’t skip the co-op event. It’s literally great, you enjoy playing with your friend a lot more than you do playing with one person. I can even say that pleasure is incredible. Already, the structure of RE5 no longer develops in a single-person oriented way. If Chris had been on this adventure alone, he would have given up halfway, not possible, because the spaces have been so designed that you have to be two people, otherwise you will not be able to move forward.

Of course, there are moments when this is exaggerated, often we need card readers on either side of the door, even Sheva to insert and remove the card. Although this situation is a little absurd, RE5 shouts bass bass,” I play co-op, otherwise it won’t happen.” In addition, the inventory system that allows us to exchange with Sheva also comes across in a very limited way. When you want to place something, you literally feel like you’re playing some kind of puzzle. Of course, the worst part of this situation is that the game does not stop when you open the inventory system, even when you are trying to do something from there, the action always continues. Of course, your work is either incomplete, or you die beautifully without even letting it be incomplete. In any case, because Sheva uses bullets unconsciously, the Blessed inventory system does not shut down. But as I said, if you have a friend with you and not artificial intelligence, there is no problem. So my advice to you is to approach RE5 this way, otherwise you can’t run, stop, shoot forward by playing alone.

The firm that lost its creativity…

Capcom’s either really lost his creativity or he’s cold, and I don’t know about it anymore. But the guys are leaning so hard on Resident Evil 4, You know, RE5 4. if they presented the game as an additional package, everyone would eat it nicely and thank you. I couldn’t understand how the two games, which have a period of 4 years between them, are made so similar. Characters ‘ movements, animations, even the objects they often use 4. it’s the same as the game, it can’t give the new game air in any way. At least there are a few different enemies, and you feel a little bit of a sense of difference.

The overall structure of the construction is completely 4. it’s based on the game, which is not a pleasant situation. Despite this, there are also points where it breaks away from RE4. For example, the merchant no longer exists. Instead, every time we start a division, we come across an area where weapons and supplies are sold. From here you can buy all your needs except ammunition. Of course, you have the opportunity to sell the treasures you find for the game at a fairly high price here. But that’s not the only way you make money. We’re taking the gold from the guys you killed or the crates and stuff. But I’d say it’s a little funny. Because in a place where there are people around us who are barefoot, who are going to die of weakness, it’s really interesting to break up an orange chest and take the gold that comes out of it.

Another thing to talk about is the script, in fact, The Resident Evil series has always been very good about it. But 4. the game had a slightly airborne script that survived thanks to the characters. The same thing comes across in RE5, although I won’t say the same thing, as if it could be reflected a little better. Because the script is a little far from its old hearty state, and it has a structure that skyrockets thanks to the characters ‘ past. Thanks to flashbacks that are already interspersed between them, the excitement in the game reaches its climax. It’s a great feeling to see the past in this visual, to experience these feelings again, frankly, it would be a lie if I said I didn’t see the light MGS 4 breezes about it. The fights in the deceptions taste exactly like the movie, especially Chris, Sheva, Wesker and Jill.

The graphics of the RE5 are quite beautiful, although most places have low decking sizes, its overall structure is quite successful… but there are no obvious differences between the intermediate scenes and the game. Although at first glance everything seems in-game, for example, the water effect in the production becomes magnificent in the deceptions, while the opposite plays in the game. Also, the inhabitants of Kijuju appear out of the mud. In fact, the modeling is nice, but they grin a lot next to the main characters. For example, as Chris and Sheva move through the space, they stand like two skyscrapers planted in a slum. Here, the lack of that integrity in the graphics also makes the game look bad in terms of visuals. Apart from that, the spaces are incredibly static. No interaction is involved. We’re going wherever RE5 wants us to go. It can be a little annoying when you’re not on any different path. And I’d say Chris doesn’t fit in very well with this environment. Because some moments come, Chris, who bounces from five yards, can’t jump over a tiny rock to get to the other side, and naturally we walk a ton of roads to get across. This makes the game boring.

In the sounds of the game, he very successfully wipes the pass from our ears. Especially the vocalizations are great. In addition, as in the old games, there is a lot of content in the new game. For these, there are also features such as extras, character details, files related to the topic, the ability to play with Sheva. In addition, when you develop (Upgrade) weapons to the fullest, you are rewarded with unlimited ammo. Of course, Mercenaries mode has also taken its place in the RE5.

A Resident Evil story…

I know I’ve been very critical of the game, especially about its playability. But unfortunately, as I described, it may sound enjoyable to someone else, but I can clearly say that I have no pleasure in this playability. All the elements that we call the spirit of RE in the production may have been removed, and I will focus on the action, which is already focused on the action. Enemies are flowing everywhere, you are in constant conflict, hustle and bustle. But with the logic that nothing happens by moving, Resident Evil 5 could not literally be an action game. The game, with its structure that has already abandoned the Survivor-Horror genre in it, cannot offer the slightest element of fear in it. Therefore, RE5 does not fall into the category of horror games. I’d get tired of solving puzzles that used to come across, but there’s only one puzzle in the production, and so I’m not able to figure out exactly what genre RE5 serves, which has also lost its adventure aspect. It was a good game, but if we put his name aside, he has a structure that remains grossly below average. Frankly, if you say,” I want RE, I want a classic, “ I’m sure you’ll feel the RE feeling more if you play Dead Space as Resident Evil 5. I can’t understand why a game is so detached from its essence and directed to completely different lands. However, because of the co-op it has and the space structure designed for this feature, it comes across as a completely different production from good to good RE5.

If you’re a former Resident Evil player, you’re very likely to swear a lot when you’re playing RE5, but series 4. 5 on the line with the game. for those who log in or do the game, this game will sound pretty good and make you like it. Especially if you have a friend who can always be with you, you can have great moments with the great co-op. I already have a lot of people to buy for the script, but I wouldn’t say it’s a game you should definitely buy for the cut that’s out of it, especially PS3 owners can expect it to get cheaper.