PUBG Mobile FPS Boost Guide

PUBG Mobile FPS Boost Guide

With the PUBG Mobile FPS boost guide, we help PUBG Mobile run more smoothly on your smartphone.

On Android smartphones, especially on entry-level and mid-segment devices, PUBG Mobile works with 30 and 40 FPS settings. Even if you choose the most fluid Settings from the Settings tab, this usually does not change.

With the method we recommend for you, you can easily play the game at 60 FPS without using any other additional application.

If you are an Android 11 user and HEX Editor is not your solution, the steps you need to follow to increase FPS are as follows:

— First, download X-plore File Manager, the File Manager app, from the Google Play Store.

— Grant the necessary permissions for the internal storage space. Internal storage — data — scroll as Android.

— When the application asks you for permission, give the necessary permission.

— Download the file we shared on the link to your phone.

— Copy the downloaded file from the Downloads folder.

— Now follow this folder path; Android — data-com.tencent.IG — Files — UE4Game — ShadowTrackerExtra — ShadowTrackerExtra — Saved — Config-Android

— Paste the file you downloaded into the Android folder, which is the last folder you reached.

— Now, when you open PUBG Mobile, a new graphics option will welcome you. So you can increase the FPS in your game.

pubg mobile
pubg mobile

- First, log in to Google Play from your Android smartphone and download the HEX Editor app.

— Then open PUBG Mobile and select the graphics section via the Settings tab.

— Choose fluid and extreme settings from here, close PUBG Mobile from the name.

— Now launch the Hex Editor application and grant the necessary access permissions.

— From this point on, make the choices we write step by step:

Open File > External > Android > Data > com.tencent.IG > Files > UE4Game > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > SaveGames > Active.SaaS

— Tap the magnifying glass at the top and open the search section

— Enter “FPS” in capital letters in the section that says Find Value, and replace the HEX Fragment option just below it with String. Then click the” FIND “ button.

— The found value will be marked. 5 here. when you get to the line, you will see a value such as 04, 05, 06 According to your phone’s settings.

— In the Poco X3 NFC model that we use, this value appears as “05”.

— Tap this section, and then open the editing section from the pen icon at the bottom left.

— Type” 07 “in the section that says” new value “and change the” String “option under it to” HEX Fragment”.

— Then press” Set Value “ to complete the adjustment.

— Save your settings with the floppy disk icon at the top right and exit the application.