Pro Evolution Soccer Review

As is known, ISS is one of the most popular sports games on PlayStation. Even if the ISP was not graphically perfect, it was considered one of the most beautiful games on PlayStation in terms of atmosphere and playability. Although the FIFA series was graphically superior, the ISS was always ahead in popularity. And after a long hiatus, the ISS on Playstation came across as Pro Evolution Soccer on Playstation 2. This time Konami (KCET) has created a very good football game…

When we start the game, we come across a good video. After passing the video, we come across the main menu with various game modes. These modes are Match Mode, League Mode, Cup Mode, Master League, Practice Mode, Edit Mode and Game Options. Let’s recognize the modes in order, if you want…

MATCH MODE: you can select teams from National Teams, club Teams and All Stars( European and World mix) and match with your friends or CPU.

LEAGUE MODE: you can make a league by selecting one of the 53 national teams in this mode. Among these teams is Turkey, and our national team is really well reflected in the game.

CUP MODE: as in previous versions, Pro Evolution Soccer has options for International Cup, European Cup, Asian Cup, African Cup and Konami Cup. Also, when you win trophies here with certain teams, you can also open extra teams in the game.

MASTER LEAGUE: you can make a league by selecting one of the 32 club teams in this mode. In the Master League alone, you can’t have the team you choose with the real squad. For example, let’s assume that you have chosen Inter, do not think that Vieri will be on your staff. Instead, you are given a fairly weak squad compared to other teams. At the end of each match you win with the team you choose, you get a certain point, and as you collect these points, you can make various transfers. Transferring in Pro Evolution Soccer has been made easier compared to earlier versions… Galatasaray Fenerbahce and Besiktas were not included in the only Master Leaugu. Although I am from Fenerbahce, I could not make sense of the fact that West Ham United were put in the game while UEFA Cup champions Galatasaray were standing.

As with all football games ,you can learn the game here, master the subtleties of the game such as Free Kick, corner, wall pass. In addition, the first ones who take the game can learn how to make moves in this mode. I’d definitely say check it out here.

EDIT MODE: one of the most vital parts of the game. For the first time in ISS games, this section has been made very detailed (for example, 210 face options can turn your head). The Edit Mode section is very superior to the Create section of FIFA. We can also give special abilities to the players we create here.

I don’t believe (!) It’s “Zidane”

After introducing the modes, let’s move on to the game… The game’s graphics are really focused on. A lot of the footballers are almost the same as the real ones. Zidane, Figo and Owen are the frontrunners. However, I am a little disappointed that Turkish footballers do not try to be too similar to the reality.

During the matches, the atmosphere of the game was kept at a high level. The sounds from the stands really affect you. On top of that, when it comes to Chris James and his assistant Terry’s beautiful and fluid presentation, you really think you’re on the field. To play the game, you need to be incredibly adept at joypade. The playability of the game is somewhat complicated in this regard. So when you first play the game, you can have a hard time. A lot of people who play FIFA criticise the game for that.

As always, the game again has a Power Bar that determines the speed of shots. Thanks to this feature, goals can be much more varied and the game is more realistic. In addition, the game also has multi-player support with multitasking PS2 support…

The opening ceremony of the match and the design of the stadiums were made quite beautifully. Stadiums are the same size as previous versions of the ISS, while in Pro Evolution Soccer, each stadium has its own size and feature. One of the great details of the game is that it is clear which feet the players use better. For example, Roberto Larcos can’t pass properly with his right foot or shoot (!) Now some of you will say that Roberto Larcos did not write incorrectly, but I wrote correctly. Because again, the naming rights of many teams in Pro Evolution Soccer could not be obtained. But fortunately, you have a chance to correct these errors using the Edit Mode section. In addition, the naming rights of all the players of the Turkish national team were taken. FIFA game to be against dez advantage. Already one of the most popular aspects of FIFA is the acquisition of the name rights of almost all football players. But in Winning Eleven 5, the Japanese version of Pro Evolution Soccer, this naming rights issue has been taken care of…


FIFA has always been ahead and out of reach in terms of graphics among football games. But Pro Evolution Soccer. It looks like it will end this reign of FIFA. Maybe that’s because EA Sports didn’t pay that much attention to FIFA, which it did for the PlayStation 2. So if you have a PlayStation 2 and you like to play football, I say Get Pro Evolution Soccer right away. If you don’t have a PlayStation 2, you’ll never know what you’re missing. I think even for this game alone, PlayStation 2 is bought. Konami (KCET) has again made a complete football game by combining Arcade and simulation very nicely. And Konami makes a better game of football than this game.




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