PlayStation Games May Have Phone Help Feature

PlayStation Games May Have Phone Help Feature

Allegedly, Sony will bring the ability to help PlayStation games by communicating by phone.

It wasn’t just computer games that were affected by technological advances. Computer and phone games, as well as game consoles, have improved greatly. PlayStation 3 in particular has ushered in a new era of gaming consoles. Sony, the maker of the PlayStation that started this era, is working on a new feature. Allegedly, Sony will bring the ability to help PlayStation games by communicating by phone.

Many computer game enthusiasts began to prefer game consoles along with the PlayStation 3. Console games, such as console devices, have also improved. As a result, we encountered games with a very high level of realism and playability. But sometimes these games went up to levels that would be quite difficult for players. Rumors are that Sony will introduce a new way to combat difficulties.


Sony applied to the World Intellectual Property Organization for a new patent. When the content of the application was examined, the idea arose that Sony could bring a phone Help feature to the PlayStation.

Allegedly, Sony, along with this feature, will allow players to get help where they are stuck in games.

The feature will transfer players playing the same game to a common server. Players will line up using the request help feature when they need help. They will then be paired with the player who agrees to help and the player who requests help. After the match, players will be able to help each other, either voice or in writing, through the console.

Apart from that, allegedly, Sony will also bring this feature to PlayStation mobile apps. In this way, players who cannot communicate through the console will also be able to communicate through the PlayStation app on their mobile phones.

At the point where communication is not enough, there is a possibility that the player who helps takes control of the game. Allegedly, Sony could develop such a feature for players who need help with very difficult games.

This feature, allegedly to be developed by Sony, had previously been made available by Nintendo. In 1987, Nintendo introduced a service called” Nintendo Game Play Counselors”. As part of this service, carvers received a hint service for games by calling phone numbers found in Nintendo Power magazines.

Of course, it’s all a momentary bet. Even if the company applied for a patent, this does not necessarily indicate that they would develop such a feature. Because large companies like Sony can file various patent applications in this way every year.

Sony has yet to make an official statement on the matter. But if the allegations are true, it is highly likely that a statement will be made shortly.

Do you think PlayStation games will have a phone Help feature? You can share your views in the comments section below.




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