NHL 2003 Review

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6 min readJun 27, 2021
NHL 2003 Review

For those who can’t play in real life

The NHL, ice hockey, is a sport that has just become widespread in our country. For those who watch it sounds like it’s very simple, it’s actually very difficult to play. Anyway, standing on ice is a separate problem. And it’s a hard job to speed on top of that, to pass the opponent, to hold a little thing (puck) in front of you with a stick in your hand and move forward and put it in that little castle. Although EA Sport did not offer ice hockey to us as the first game, EA Sport is the company that makes the best ice hockey game right now. For many years, NHL games are perhaps the best sports game EA has ever made. Both the Fifa series and the NBA series did not come out in some years, and the NHL was a fresh, developing, advancing game that tap every year, creating situations such as not liking the games that came out. He came to really good points, especially graphically. Some say ice hockey is a very harsh sport. Actually, it creates this impression when you watch matches. However, the common opinion of those who play is that this sport is not as harsh as it seems, and in fact, these hardness is very beautiful when combined with aesthetics. Anyway. Here are all the teams, pitches and All-Star teams of the 2002 season and the NHL 2003.

Where’s Puck? Have you seen?

NHL 2003 does not actually contain very large innovations compared to 2002, the old version. Don’t read this sentence and think it’s 2003 with makeup. Few but essential innovations have been made. The first noticeable point is the menus. Compared to previous years, I think it has the best menu ever made. There is a very practical menu where you can play the game over the Internet or off-line if you want. If you are a member of the site, you can make matches with other people by logging in directly from the main menu. Another notable point is the producer of the song playing in the lower right corner and the name of the song. Not only in the main menu, but also in the game, the necessary information is displayed when playing music. I especially like this event. You can find and listen to the song you like directly from the internet. The NHL’s most exciting action, as it is known, is the per-game shows. There’s not much innovation in these shows compared to before. In fact, it’s a little bad that some of the scenes were directly from 2002. Although it is not much of a novelty, these scenes bring you to the gas with music.

Shoot the smash with 80km speed

There are innovations in playability and in-game imagery. In the old days, when you were facing the goalkeeper, the camera would come in front of you and the game would slow down. It was especially good to approach slowly and blast the shot, listening to your heart sound. As the players liked these minutes, the producers wanted to improve these moments a little more. You don’t automatically get into that mode any more every time we’re up against a goalkeeper. There’s a meter that you’ll see in the bottom corner during the game. In the numbers you make, this meter fills up when you block opposing team players and artistically Pass players. On average, it fills 2–3 times in each half. After it is full, it constantly flashes as a red light. From that moment on, when you press the “Game Breaker” button anywhere you set from the controls, the game slows down and the camera comes in front of you. It’s just like it used to be, the only difference is that it works whenever you want. It’s actually much better that way. He used to squeeze every time after a certain time. And now you run it whenever you want. So you have a chance to pass a man and shoot in slow motion.

Speaking of shots, that reminds me. Another innovation is the speedometer. A menu opens when you shoot at the goal from anywhere and it says how many km you shoot at speed. Especially when you fill up the shot bar and pull it out, you see incredible speeds. It was very difficult to play in the NHL in 2002. They’ll have noticed that they dropped it a little more. After you play the game 5–6 times in the normal state and learn the outlines, you can easily play in the Difficult option. In addition, when you start the game at the Beginner level, a voice other than the announcer guides you during the match, trying to teach the game. This one too I like it. Let’s move on to the innovation I like most. In the main menu, when you subscribe to the site and enter the online section, you can create an online league yourself or enter the league created by someone else. The system has been quite successful. If you have a connection such as cable, ADSL in your home, you can create an online League with your friends over the internet and spend very enjoyable hours.

Let me take you to the game.

NHL graphically it’s a really good game. The modelling, the pitch, the lights, the shadows are almost flawless. Despite these, it is a game that can be played even on low systems, giving up short downloads and a few beauties. In fact, there is not much change in the outline. Modeling is good again. The lighting effects in the pre-match shows, the reactions of the audience are fine. Speaking of spectators, I say unfortunately, but in some places they are very good, but in most places the audience is very poorly made. Although they look like just a picture from a distance, when the camera zooms in, the audience suddenly appears in 3D and very nicely modeled. Anyway, I’ve never seen EA treat the audience well. So they still don’t want to be nice. Anyway, the NHL, which is left out of the audience, actually wins all the points with the graphics of the pitch and the players you play on. The inscriptions and emblems on the field are very good. The lighting effects and shadows are very spot on. Player modeling is also fine, but I didn’t see much difference between 2002 and. Okay, they may be beautiful, but just because they’re beautiful doesn’t mean they won’t be developed. The music and the announcer are lovely. Especially the music is very good. I think most people will take names and listen to that music in normal everyday life. And the announcer is more mobile than before. Telling the game aside, he’s making jokes now. As a voice, NHL 2003 has really come a long way.

Final Words:

Although the NHL series does not actually appeal to a very large audience, it is still a game that develops and gets better every year. Compared to last year, there are no great innovations, but the added features and developed systems give the game a high score. The sound that helps during the game at the Beginner level is really very useful. Very good for those who are just playing the game. The graphics are as good as ever, but in fact there is not much difference with 2002. The Online League event is the best mode made in itself. If you’re an enthusiast, don’t miss NHL 2003. If you haven’t played before, you haven’t missed the train yet.