Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

I invite you to the latest Game of Nancy Drew, the female equivalent of the name Sherlock Holmes on PC, which comes to mind first when it comes to detective work. It was announced to the press some time before E3 in May, and it was stated that the series will be one step longer with the game introduced during E3, and in the past days the game itself has appeared. Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock, series 12. as a game, it can attract the attention of those who have not followed the series from the beginning before the game has even started. We play detective with Nancy Drew games, which each Interactive, the producer of the series, extends, and with each new game that comes after each other as a result of solid subject depth, we have a little bit of this real-life need(!) are able to satisfy. We have the opportunity to evaluate this latest Nancy Drew game, which we have hosted on our PCs, with much more alternatives than other games in the series. Adventure detective because lately increased (about 1 year ago which is on the market Sherlock Holmes, and we played about two months ago, still life) with itself, we can say that having almost simultaneously, and in addition have the chance to compare the same type of game which is better thus.

At the end of hundreds of books, toys, television shows, et cetera and et cetera, Nancy Drew, this year, is 75. he celebrates his age, but come and see that he is in this game, as when he first appeared, again running after events, with the characteristic of a young and intelligent researcher. Since then, his stories have even earned him mobile phones and electronic paraphernalia; this time, unlike the flow of games in the series, we see him in the 1930s. Come if you want, let’s all reveal the secret of the old clock in the light of all this; Let’s help Nancy Drew with this “first” case.
17-year-old Emily Crandall and all her assets
This time, our story begins as a result of Nancy Drew being invited to the Lilac Inn to meet her friend Emily Crandall. 17-year-old Emily lost her father in the war and her mother a few days ago. Nancy Drew arrives at the Lilac Inn, the Crandalls ‘ mansion, and begins to talk to Emily about what happened. During this conversation, we learn that when his neighbors, named Josiah Crowley, die, he will give Emily and her family all his assets, but there is no clause in his will, which was announced after his death. Emily’s mind revolves around the idea that there is a second will, but she has no idea where it is. And Emily tells us that every time she talks to Josiah, she says to herself, “time will tell.” Just as Emily shows Nancy the pearl necklace left over from her mother, there’s an explosion downstairs in the kitchen, and all the house people gather downstairs. After the incident is finally resolved and the fire in the kitchen, which was engulfed in flames as a result of the explosion, Emily goes to her room and sees that the pearl necklace is not in place. Our main task begins after this point, and we need to answer the question of where the pearl necklace went, the cause of the explosion, and whether there was a second will. Before all this starts, Emily even suggests that we just leave everything and go home, but our young detective Nancy, who must investigate everything and solve the secret if there is a mysterious incident, pushes it away and begins her work immediately.
“…time will tell…”
Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock is an icon adventure game played from a first-person perspective with the point&click interface.Dec. The story in this final game of the Nancy Drew series is also the first of the Nancy Drew stories. You can assume that you are trying to solve three different cases at the same time; indeed, as a result of this reflection, the depth of the subject in the game is too great, and the fluency is intense at a level not seen in a long time. As you move forward, you also realize that the story is not single-line or linear, and you can guide the development of events as you want. In this respect, it’s pretty satisfying compared to Sherlock Holmes and Still Life, which I just counted above, and, on the contrary, it’s a production that really makes you feel like you’re researching and finding something.




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