MX vs ATV Legends Review

MX vs ATV Legends Review

In our MX vs ATV Legends review content, we examine the basic structure and gameplay of the arcade off-road racing game for you.

It has been really difficult for me to write MX vs ATV Legends review content. Since it was the first game I played and reviewed as soon as I got back from the military, I tried to explore all the details of the game with an untouched, fresh approach. After staying away from the games for a long time, I realized that I could actually study it more objectively and in detail. Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with this conversation. Let’s see how the game turned out together.

MX vs ATV Legends frankly sounded a little hollow to me in general. Although it was decorated with beautiful graphics, it made me feel that there were some things that remained raw in its structure. Although the driving mechanics are not bad, their physics, animations, and especially their sound are not satisfactory at all. I will touch on the topic of sounds and animations in a separate paragraph, but first let’s talk about what you can do in the game.

Career mode, as you know, again

MX vs ATV Legends career mode progresses in the way we are used to from such games. There is a map in the game where our character and the surrounding team members gather. After participating in the races and achieving the result, we are making progress by turning to this map and talking to the team members. However, unfortunately, this process has not progressed that way for me. Towards the middle of the game, when he sent me to our home base after a race and gave me the task of “Talking to a team member”, I saw that no team member was marked on the map. I went through them all, saying that maybe it’s a problem with the minimap, but I think that the task was not triggered, so I also couldn’t encounter dialogue blocks. Since I was still making my motor career, I switched to ATV and UTV vehicles and started participating in their races as well. Yes, you can choose other means without entering into a dialogue and achieve some progress in their careers as well. So I did that. Although I eventually made progress in the careers of other cars, I got to the same point in all of them and I got stuck. This error in the game prevented me from moving further.

And in particular, I can say that I have consumed most of the content in the game. There is already nothing very special that it offers you, change vehicles, improve, race, win, move forward. Take part in major competitions and reach the peak of your career. The basic structure that we come across in almost every racing game does not leave us alone in the MX vs ATV Legends game either. You can change and improve both the appearance and characteristics of your motorcycles, ATVs and UTV vehicles. However, it doesn’t make you feel much that you have improved the technical characteristics of your car in the game. I can say that I find this place particularly lacking.

MX vs ATV Legends driving mechanics are not bad, but not good either

Perhaps one of the topics that you are most interested in in in the MX vs ATV Legends game will be the driving mechanics. Let me tell you; neither good, nor bad. After all, let me state from the beginning that we should approach the arcade without forgetting that we are playing a racing game. The quest for realism is absolutely absent, it’s enough just to get it fun and playable. When you look at it with this eye, the game will meet your expectations. Sometimes it can be fun to bounce off a stone with the engine and -yes, you can bounce if you hit it properly enough- fly from a height of 10 meters to a height of 25 meters with your eyes closed. Usually not. But in such places the character bounces and falls off the engine in such places that you never know what a bump on the road will bring you. Sometimes you can hit a stone and fly badly to the right and left, and sometimes you can hit a relatively smaller stone and fall off the engine. It can be annoying from place to place-especially when you are leading the race.

The mechanics of the motorcycle are quite simple, it was pleasant and exciting to play with the controller. But I can’t say the same about ATVs and UTVs. Because there is no situation where you need to keep a balance, just don’t go astray. According to an arcade game, their suspension is realistic, and according to a simulation, we can say that they are imaginary. They managed to fix the consistency of the earlobe there. But no matter how much you improve it, UTVs — as those who play GRID will understand very well- do NOT “SPIN”. Let me close the topic of driving mechanics by saying that I spent the most fun hours of my career in motorcycle racing.

MX vs ATV Legends map designs have become the most powerful aspect of the game

The production, which has a strong hand in terms of the possibilities provided by the graphics engine it uses, stands out with its episode designs and visuals. As I mentioned at the beginning of our MX vs ATV Legends review content, although this feeling of uncooked lasts, at least he is trying to make up for it with his landscapes. For that matter, “If their graphics didn’t look so good, would I expect the same success in other mechanics?” when I ask myself the question, I remain unanswered. However, in 2022, because I’m playing a racing game that’s just coming out, I’m saying, “I probably would have waited.”

The visual realism of the game is high when we drive against different landscapes in different climates. At the same time, this visual does not require a very powerful system from you. I was able to get above 50 FPS very comfortably in ultra settings on my aging mid-segment system, which I still can’t renew. If my old man played it, I’m saying that all systems above average play it very comfortably. However, in order for it to take shape in your head, let me state that my processor is AMD FX-8370e, my video card is 1050Ti, and I use 16GB of RAM.

Graphics aside, the design of the race tracks is also beautiful. Plenty of jumping, flying races, shortcuts that require talent and vision, bends that will keep you on your toes all the time and suddenly appear, increase the pleasure of the game. In fact, this is the best way to use the driving mechanics of the game. The race tracks have a number of traps, if I said traps, don’t think of traps like bear traps. For example, before reaching a very sharp bend, there is a jump bump on the right side of the road and a different part on the left side that leads to the slope of the bend. If you get trapped and jump off the hill, you’ll probably go off the road and finish the race last. These little things can make you angry, but they allow you to experience the game better.

Sounds and animations that finish your whole mode

I would like to note that I am experiencing great discomfort with the sounds and music in the game. Maybe you will like it because the music will be enjoyed somewhere, but the sound effects are really a disgrace. They probably recorded the sound of the tires sliding on the ground from the phone microphone. He’s crawling somewhere. Imagine rubbing a piece of cloth on your microphone and recording sound, that’s what it’s like. Okay, the game is arcade, but the engine sounds shouldn’t be like this either. As for the sound, I can say that I don’t like MX vs ATV Legends at all.

At the same time, the artificial intelligence animations in the game are also really disturbing. There are a number of regulations that I have commented on that they have made for performance optimization. So much so that the animations of the artificial intelligences in the game -I don’t know for sure, but — are played at a speed of 15 FPS. And this kills the fluency in their movements. All the movements they make on the engine look frame by frame. And this gives it a really unpleasant visual appearance.

To make a long story short

And especially Decency, if you are good at off-road racing games, MX vs ATV Legends is a “Not bad” class game for you. If music selections, animation playback speeds and sound effects were different, driving mechanics were enjoyable for all vehicles, and improvements were palpable, we would be talking about much more things now. But here is a review of MX vs ATV Legends with all its sweet and salty sides. The game will go on sale tomorrow, and interestingly, today there is still no price specified on the Steam store page. For this reason, I am leaving a message for the future, if the game comes out below $100, try it, if it is more expensive, don’t approach it. For now, that’s it from me, I hope to see you in another review, stay with love and play.

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