Miitopia Review

Miitopia Review

Miitopia is one of the games that has previously been released for the Nintendo 3DS and has been developed for Nintendo Switch consoles and has come back to the next generation. How did Miitopia, which Nintendo offers as a different taste in role-playing games, happen, let’s examine it together.

Miitopia Review

Thanks to Nintendo’s Mii system, we can create a tiny avatar that looks like ourselves and use it in various Nintendo content.First introduced with the Nintendo Wii, this system was later available on the 3DS, Wii U, and finally on the Switch. Here is our main character in Miitopia, our avatar that we created through the Mii system, that is, us. The adventure we begin as a new adventurer heading for the town of Greenhorne is undermined by The Dark Lord’s evil plans. The Dark Lord who attacks the town (we form him again with a Mii) steals the faces of the people. It’s our job to stop the Dark Lord who stole faces all over the world and placed them in Monsters.

The People Of Miitopia Are Very Brazen These Days

The story goes at the pace of a standard role-playing game. I think those who are a little familiar with the genre can predict what will happen in the story. One or two options are also offered that affect the course of the game. If you don’t expect a masterpiece from the story, you can enjoy it.

Miitopia is a role-playing game with a turn-based fighting system. We start the game as an adventurer, but we realize we don’t have the talent in the first fight. An unknown entity helps us and we choose our first profession. Among the professions we can choose from are Warrior, Priest, thief, Pop star, Sorcerer and Chef. Professions have the ability to match exactly their name. It’s a nice detail that we can choose clothes when we’re a Pop star. In addition, as the game progresses, we can choose more professions. It is possible to choose from a total of 14 professions, two of which are opened after the story ends. Since we will have to change professions from time to time in the game, we also have the opportunity to experience most of these professions in a game.

We’re not fighting alone in the game. As we progress, we encounter new members and are able to involve them in our adventure. The best thing here is that we can select and customize the members added to our party from among the Mii avatars on our device. This applies to almost every NPC in the game. If we want to create new Mii avatars and use them (this can be a bit tedious and boring) or we can download new Mii avatars from the internet. Including our friends’. If you don’t have a lot of Mii avatars registered on the Switch and you’re not a member of Nintendo’s online services, this part can be a bit of a nuisance. The joke of the game is to customize it with different characters, and when you can’t do it, one of the most interesting aspects disappears.

The type and personal characteristics of each of the members participating in our party can be changed. For example, if a party member of your choice is “careful”, he or she can wait one round instead of making an attack and make a stronger attack in the second round. Since we can’t control members other than the main character, it’s important to consider these characteristics. We can also have an impact on their social lives. Characters who develop ties according to their interaction with each other can gain various advantages during combat. For character development, there are choices such as the food you eat outside of the fight, who the characters stay in the same room with.

Together with our party, we embark on an adventure to solve the world’s “stolen faces” problem. And our enemies are monsters with stolen faces dressed themselves. Every time we defeat the monster, the face returns to its former owner. Of course, not every enemy is as simple as a butterfly or a slime. That’s why our characters need to be strengthened. To improve character, there are activities such as feeding his favorite food (they sulk if they don’t like it), playing chance-based games for better equipment.

There is no open world in the game, and we can’t even say that there is literally a world where you can travel. There are towns and target spots. We can walk around towns and examine them. When we choose a point and start going there, the characters start walking on a straight line. This journey happens automatically, and we encounter various events along the way. Monsters can jump on us on the road, we can choose one of two ways, or we can see and open a chest. These journeys can be boring, but it is possible to speed up time by pressing the ZR button and minimize the time we have lost.

Fights are the kind we’re used to from turn-based role-playing games. We control every move of our own character, while our teammates act according to their head. Artificial intelligence acting according to their own personalities is not so bad. I didn’t experience much of the “heal me why you attack” trouble I experienced when I played Persona 3. Along with the Switch version, a horse has been added that we can attack the team more strongly, nice detail to include the horses in the battle.

We talked about the gameplay, but I have to point out that the system changed a little bit when we completed the main story of the game. When the main story ends and we reach the part we call “endgame”, extra maps come in. In addition, the event of walking on a straight road is replaced by the “navigation on the map” feature. We can take the mission we want and go there. I didn’t expect a change like this in a game that repeats itself too much.

Miitopia’s Switch Adventure

Miitopia is actually a game released for the 3DS, developed as a visual and feature and brought to the Nintendo Switch. I don’t have very high expectations visually. Graphics and lighting improved, the game doesn’t look bad even on the big screen. I’ve never been visually disturbed because I prefer to play more hand-to-hand. It’s important to remember that it’s essentially a 3DS game.

The fact that we determine the types of characters according to the Mii avatars we choose makes the game visually fun. We can make multiple characters with the same Mii, so it’s possible to be both the villain and the main character in the game, as well as a random NPC on the street. Enemies are not terrible with the faces they steal, they look extremely cute (but a little creepy). It’s not a bad game in terms of sound and music, but I didn’t have any music that stuck in my mind that I mumbled outside the game.

The Switch version of Miitopia has added some new features to the game. If it only came with improved graphics, it can be predicted that it would not get very good reactions. Along with the Switch version, character creation features have been improved. Our character has options to wear wigs and make-up, so the characters can turn into completely different types. With amiibo support, it is possible to take character costumes from other games and create Mii close to the truth. We talked about Mii interactions and relationships. Along with the Switch version, it is possible for Mii characters to go to various events between the rest. Characters can go to the movies or for coffee. It’s a nice feature to watch both enjoyable dialogues and improve the relationship of the characters.

Finally, we said something about the horse that was added to the game. He’s an extra member of the team and allows us to do solid damage. Of course, for that, we have to go to the barn in the rest areas and spend time with the horse. As a chef, Don’t miss fun attacks like feeding your horse spicy food and raining fireballs on enemies ‘ heads.


Published by Nintendo, Miitopia is sold with a price tag of $ 50 on the eShop. On average 30 hours of gameplay time with Miitopia structure itself too repetitive, visually keep it simple, a simplified role-playing game, and it’s not a great game with a relatively weak story.

If you are looking for a pleasant role-playing game that does not give you much thought, you can also play it in your hand, you can enjoy this game. Or for a player who has just started role-playing games, it can be a great experience in terms of getting used to the genre. Because it is not a game of fear or violence, it is an adventure suitable even for young players. It’s also another pleasure to add your friends to the game and go on an adventure with or against them. The problem here is the price of the game. The game is not good enough to justify the $ 50 price tag. Compared to games with the same price tag, I can find much better alternatives. But if you say there’s a better option for novice or younger players than this, there isn’t.




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