Logitech MX Keys keyboard review

Logitech MX Keys keyboard review

Logitech has long been manufacturing productivity-oriented environmental components under the MX Series name. MX peripheral components offer convenience that will speed up the user’s work both in office applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, as well as in areas such as graphic design or video processing. We’re studying the MX Keys model.

The keys used on the keyboard have a system that Logitech gives a “scissor key” structure. These keys allow the keys to be low profile. The keys can be pressed with very little force, and the travel distance is quite short. While this isn’t ideal for acting, it does offer a welcome feel when it comes to productivity and writing.

Although these keys do not sit as adjacent to the body as on Apple’s Magic Keyboard, they are quite thin compared to normal Dome-key keyboards. We can see that round indentations are created in the middle for the fingertips on the keys, and the corners are also softened. In addition, the surfaces of the Keys also have a matte texture.

This key design also offers a low-noise typing experience. Even when you write 10 fingers fast, you do not disturb those around you.


The top of the body, the bottom of the keys and the circumference, are all made of aluminum alloy. The bulging piece on the front of the keyboard and the bottom is made of plastic.

Because Apple is a keyboard that shares the design line of computers, it is unobtrusive when used with devices such as the iMac in the office environment. It supports both Windows and Apple functions on the keys.

No details except LED light, USB-C charging slot and power switch indicating battery status in the body. It’s a pretty minimalist design.

If you’re used to using high wristband-supported keyboards, the MX keys ‘ flat structure, which can’t be adjusted in height, may require some adjustment. But after getting used to it, I can say that it was a keyboard that gained my appreciation for the feeling of pressing the keys and comfort after long-term use.

However, Logitech also sells the MX Palm Rest (wrist support) for $ 20. It would be good to include a piece that is important for comfort in the box.

Although it is a thin keyboard and seems to have high portability at first glance, it is slightly heavier than the average plastic keyboard due to its all-metal body and battery.

Above the home, Insert, and Page Up keys, we see keys 1,2,3. From here, you can switch between computers that you pair with Bluetooth or connect a dongle to your keyboard.

This is especially good for working with multiple computers at the same time. It makes it possible to work by easily switching between Mac and PC with different operating systems.

Logitech Flow is a system that allows you to easily share files and data between different computers and operating systems (Windows — macOS), as well as switch from one computer to another as soon as you move the cursor to the corner of the screen.

If your workflow requires working with multiple computers, when you install Logitech Options software on these computers and connect them to the same local network, the software will automatically recognize Logitech Flow-enabled devices and allow your peripherals to easily switch from one computer to another.

When you use a mouse with Logitech Flow support and your mouse cursor moves from one computer to another, your keyboard also automatically switches between computers.

Although Logitech Options software is not necessary for the vital functions of the keyboard, it is very useful for assigning different functions to keys that you can customize. Under the application, you can disable some keys, such as the Windows key. It also allows notification to appear on the screen when Keys such as Caps Lock or key lighting level are pressed.

In addition, here you can view the names of the devices on which you pair the keyboard. Another nice feature of the Options software is that it can create an application-based profile. In this way, when you open different applications, it is possible to adjust the key combinations as you are used to them immediately.

MX Keys has an impressive battery capacity that can run for 5 months on a full charge and with the backlight off. When the background lighting is on, this time is reduced to 10 days.

With the same color Type-C cable as the keyboard that comes out of the box, you can easily charge from the port on it. You can also charge when using the keyboard. But when you plug in the cable, the keyboard actually continues to work wirelessly.

As for device compatibility, MX Keys is compatible with the following devices:

iPhone 4s and later

3. Generation iPad and later

Windows 8 and later

macOS 10.12


Android 6 and later

F Keys

The F keys on the Logitech MX Keys are assigned many shortcuts, such as media control, display, and key brightness control. By default, these shortcuts are activated instead of the F keys.

If you want to access the F keys in use, you need to press them with Fn. You can also press Fn+Esc to reverse this.

To save battery, the key lighting turns off by itself after a while when the keyboard is not in use. In addition, the lighting level is automatically adjusted, taking into account the ambient light. This allows it to self-engage in dark environments, only when you really need it.

If you want, you can manually change this lighting from the brightness on and off keys. In addition, Logitech has added a proximity sensor to this keyboard. So it automatically turns on the background lighting when it feels your hand approaching the keyboard.

Designed for programmers working with multiple devices, those who use Office applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, video editors and graphic designers who use application-based shortcuts, MX Keys stands out for its simple, eye-filling design.

It offers long battery life thanks to intelligent backlight. The only criticism we can bring at this point is that the keyboard’s battery is built-in. Because it will be charged many times, after a few years the battery performance will decrease noticeably. Since the battery cannot be replaced, the life of the keyboard will also be equal to the life of the battery.

When we looked at the dimensions of the bomb ledge, which we thought was placed in the battery, it seemed to us that we could get a AAA-size pen battery, also called a control battery. Logitech could put pen batteries here to make the keyboard last longer.





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