Land of the Dead Review

Land of the Dead Review

Our game was inspired by George Romero’s latest film, Land of the Dead. Like every movie game, it continues a tradition on the contrary, not breaking it. A stranger is just standing in our garden. Guess Who Is this? He’s a zombie, of course, but our character doesn’t know he is. Who is this guy? He goes to help the homeless, bringing a plate of soup, beating his fists in the air. Even if it’s a zombie, we’ll beat it in the first place and then love it, won’t we? After realizing that he is a living dead, we dive into the adventure. We’re constantly faced with zombies. Those who walk like dogs, those who come with pickaxes in their hands, the scientific creature that will briefly harm us, come at us. They’re doing nothing but being a jerk and coming to us and shooting at us. A Living Dead doesn’t have a mind, so the producers didn’t put artificial intelligence in the game. Instead, they thought it would be less of a job by sprinkling plenty of enemies into departments. They thought Well, how well they did it!!!

In our game, which uses the Unreal graphics engine, Unreal doesn’t even have a U. Just technologically, the producers used the engine to say,” Look, we used Unreal technology.” Peekaboo graphics said, technologically F.E.A.R. and past games like Quake 4. Models and coatings are returned to you in the form of logs, directly in the form of wood.

After passing the graphics, you see that there are only two sounds in the game. While one “hö “and the other” aargh “ in general these words die from zombies (aren’t they already dead!) comes out as they end their second life. Sometimes, fortunately for us, if we die, it can get out of us. Sometimes interesting comments of our character can come. So we can understand that there are other voices in the game. Character vocalization goes down in history as the only good thing in the game. The gun effects are exactly the same, even if you hit the wall with a shovel, the sound of a machine gun sounds. Before you are surprised, you learn that there is no physics engine in the game. Physics gravity, gravity, etc… includes topics. If 2+(-1)-8(7+6)x4–8 (27+1078)=? what can happen as a result of such an equation, the same thing happens in this game. There’s not much else but a couple of hand-to-hand(motion-pulling shame) plucking out of zombies. Although there are actions such as breaking doors and walls, zombies stay with what they break. You go to them without being there,they keep breaking down an imaginary door (crazy or what?)

In a game with many bugs, quests are interspersed and sections are extended to be exciting. Quests go shoot the zombie in the hallway, press the button open the door, come on, let’s play hide and seek, classic and unappealing quests. Although the game is like Man these quests are gladly done, but not what comes out of hand. You’re juggling a thousand things to open a door that’s right next to you. I need you to go get the key downstairs and open the door. There are surprises that serve as harakiri, such as “find the door that has rust on the lock, open it with acid,” when trying to open the door after taking the key a long way and with a thousand difficulties. Going back to the same path you’ve already traveled in two hours and killing zombies again makes you mad.

This is the most refreshing part of our game, which also has a Multiplayer mode. At least you can fight other players over the LAN or Net. But due to the fact that modeling in multiplayer is found as zombies, players who get to the point of going crazy in singleplayer can kill themselves because of these models in multiplayer.

Land of the Dead, which can work beautifully on low Systems, says goodbye to life on the way to uninstall, I’m throwing my belly because I got rid of this game. You’d better stay away from this game and never go near it. In fact, tell generation after generation that no one gets infected by mistake.


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