John Deere: Drive Green Review

John Deere: Drive Green Review

We’re used to coming across a thousand different productions. Most of the work, activities, games are made and released. We have seen different projects, such as building bridges. We’ve been in agriculture before, and we’re going back to farming. John Deere: Drive Green, field team, trying to come across as a game aimed at mowing.

I sow and mow

Let’s briefly mention John Deere, who gave the structure its name. John Deere, born in 1804 and died in 1886, was the first person to make a self-cleaning steel plow. He founded Deere & Company alone and entered the agricultural machinery business. The company, which currently owns the John Deere brand, is one of the leading companies in the agricultural machinery sector. There are games called John Deere that deal with the agricultural business in previous years. But let’s take a look at the newly dated Drive Green.

At Drive Green, we first create a profile and enter the game. But after entering the game, he said: “I wish I hadn’t started.”you can pass it through. In the first minute, the charts are already showing themselves. Visually, Drive Green is at a level that will compete with games 10 years ago. There are two or three buildings, one tractor and one log human modeling on top of one piece of cladding. He is the character who represents us in this log modeling game. As you walk around, the character’s non-animation dazzles. Our character has the ability to slide on the ground. If we throw the animations aside, let’s move on to the real purpose of Drive Green, the field riding business. All we have to do is grab a job and then pocket the money. We go to the sign near us for work and take one task. The missions focus on the main purpose of the game: plowing, mowing, sowing. At first, only one mission is open, others are closed.

After receiving the necessary task, we find ourselves beamed onto the tractor. We follow the yellow arrows in front of us and reach the field we need to drive. After plowing the entire field or mowing the team, the task is completed. As a result, we make money. Apart from coins from the mission, there are coins scattered around. With the money we earn, we buy better agricultural machines. Agricultural machinery is also like tasks, at first one is open, the others are closed. A total of 15 vehicles, such as John Deere branded 9860 STS, 8530 tractors, are included in the agricultural machinery. The maneuverability of the vehicles is quite great. Normally, they should turn a little heavier, but they can make sharp turns from right to left. They’ll almost throw rocks at racing cars for maneuvering.

Harvest time

Green Drive; do tasks, earn money, open locks, buy a new car, constantly commutes in the same loop. Lousy graphics, except for one flat gameplay, mistakes in the production have also taken its head. The trees and some objects around it were placed to make the empty environment look better for show. Actually all just a dream. If there’s a tree on your way, don’t be afraid, you can go through it. And I thought the buildings were imaginary. I drove over them, hit buildings, they were real.

The game has the kind of music that will make you sleep. Don’t look for much for sound. But the producers didn’t lack the engine and horn sound of the vehicles, let’s not eat their rights. It’s not bad to plow, to mow. A lot of different goals come out of the game, but why not handle the farming business? It’s handled, but you have to do it with a proper game. John Deere: Drive Green is an extremely bad production. I think the producers took John Deere’s license and made a game out of boredom.



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