Jak II

Jak II (known as Jak II: Renegade in Europe and Oceania) is an open world stage third-individual shooter activity experience computer game created by Naughty Dog and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2.

It is the second round of the Jak and Daxter arrangement and is the continuation of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. It was trailed by Jak 3 every year after the fact.

The game highlights new weapons and gadgets, new playable regions, and a storyline that gets after the occasions of The Precursor Legacy. The player assumes the double part of heroes Jak and Daxter.

Jak II got basic praise upon discharge. Pundits extolled the game for being extremely cleaned in essentially every division, with many concurring it was extraordinary compared to other PlayStation 2 games delivered at that point. Some analysis, notwithstanding, was aimed at the designated spot frameworks, more obscure tone and high trouble.






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