How Did Valheim Become So Successful?

Despite the fact that it has only been 2 months since its release, we talk about the secret of Valheim’s success, which has found its place in Steam’s most played lists.

System friendly

At a very affordable price, the construction is also very modest in terms of the system requirements it demands. This makes your system a very old, fun-to-play game, whether it’s the latest model or not.

Wide language support

Language support is very important. Valheim can appeal to a wide audience of players with its structure supporting 12 languages, including English.


Valheim, which also has multi-player support, allows players to shape and explore the world it offers together with their friends. The system we just mentioned and its budget friendliness also make it accessible to everyone in a group of friends.


In these days, when games start demanding almost half of our storage, Valheim can only manage to corner itself on even the most crowded computers by demanding 1 GB of free space.

Fantastic atmosphere

The fascinating mythological atmosphere it offers leads one to a constant sense of discovery. As a player, he is very good at making you always feel curious and excited for one step after another.

Extensive content

In addition to the atmosphere, Valheim also offers players a very wide range of content. There’s almost no limit to what you can do in Valheim’s world.

Gripping story

Although it is a production that stands out with elements of survival, Valheim also manages very well to keep the element of curiosity alive and offer the player new goals to follow with its story, which takes its power from mythology.

Successful survival mechanics

Valheim in addition to all this, with the balance of survival mechanics and the ability to integrate them very well into the game, we almost put a strawberry on top of the cake. In the sum of all this, a game that sets a throne in our hearts appears. If you haven’t tried Valheim yet, now might be the time to give him a chance.





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