Hotel Giant Review

Hotel Giant Review

If we look at the game market these days, we can see that there are many types of games. Among all these, Of course, there are games that do not appeal to our interests or likes. But if you’ve noticed, a lot of games called Tycoon games have been released recently. It’s an area where they all concentrate on their own, and they have a different style. In one, you can run an amusement park, and in the other, you can run a zoo. In this game, as the name suggests, we are responsible for running a hotel. From my point of view, I can say that this game is perfect for people like me who study in the Department of Tourism and hospitality or work in the industry. In general, people who work in this industry do not know whether they can find time to devote to this job on the computer for entertainment purposes (I think I’m the only exception). In fact, just as a pilot trains himself to use aircraft simulations, I think a hotel operator can train himself to play Hotel Giant. Even in vocational high schools, this game can be played. How about the idea, but?

Cleaning + quality service = customer satisfaction

As with many games, Hotel giant has a Tutorial mode. Tutorial is of great importance to the game. Everything you do in the game is shown in full detail in Tutorial. In this way, you become playing without any problems in the game. In the campaign, you will complete the tasks given in a hotel that has everything already ready. In Random game, you can prepare everything from start to finish and make yourself a hotel. From twenty different cities, you can sew your hotel anywhere and design it beautifully. As you start with a small bed or cheap materials and make money, buying quality materials will be a very good strategy in terms of your economic situation. Of course, this is my own opinion that you can also develop different strategies for yourself. As you earn money, you can buy more than a hundred items in the game and put them anywhere in the hotel. Items found in the game include DVDs, tables, sandboards, TVs, chairs, sculptures, wallpapers and a wide variety of items.

As for graphics, the game is one step ahead of Sims. According to Sims, the coatings are cleaner and better quality. There are three different camera options in the game. These are persfective, isometric, and bird’s eye view. Using a persfective or isometric camera in the game will be more advantageous for you in terms of seeing the inside of the hotel more comfortably. A bird’s eye view camera is not very useful in the game. In addition to all this, character animations add a different direction to the game. Those in the tourism industry know well, none of the customers who come are alike. For example, some of the clients become angry and therefore act aggressively. Another customer becomes friendly and provides positive energy to the other person. This subject I described was processed in the same hotel giant and gave the game an even more realistic atmosphere.

The music and sound effects in the game were very local. According to the state of the flow in the game, when it is decorated with music that will put you in the air and successful sound effects, there is a successful work that will completely concentrate you.We’re Hunting Flies, so what do we do now?

In such cases, the operator who will always work his head and spend his money on useful work begins preparing a package program to advertise. This package program can be prepared in two different directions. One is prepared for new arrivals to our hotel as a program and the other is prepared for customers staying in our hotel. Here it is important to offer the customer a cocktail consisting of more interesting and advantageous options for the holiday. A certain amount of discount advantage can be provided for new arrivals, and discounts on activities within the hotel can be provided for those staying at the hotel. Of course, in such cases, when you say that I will increase the hotel’s income, you should not screw it up. After you have prepared your package program, all you have to do is advertise on the radio, tv and newspapers. Pay attention to your earnings after the ad.

Who’s Gonna Wear The Fifth Star?

As in other Tycoon games, here we have a box where we can track the customer’s satisfaction or the situation in which they complain. From here, you can create an individual solution to the issue that your customers complain about. In this way, you can make your client have a happy holiday and even visit your hotel again. If complaints are more than satisfaction, it’s entirely up to you to balance it. But as I said, there are no customers without problems. You’re so depressed. In any case, this is a situation that you will encounter a lot in real life. It’s important that you face challenges.

Never forget that a seamless five-star hotel with all its work going smoothly will not happen soon. You’ll have to work a little hard for that, and you’ll find yourself “slowly climbing” the stairs of your hotel with every bit of it. Every innovation you make inside the hotel will allow you to take a step forward. I’ll even give you a little hint. Even a star that a pool you make will earn you is very important to you. When you first start the game, your goal should be to create a five-star hotel in the best way possible. After this goal, the business remains in the business part of the event and the customer satisfaction that it will bring (or take). If you are an unrelated operator, relying on it after you first try for five stars and get five stars, you will see that your hotel is in economic decline.

If you have not yet chosen a profession for yourself, perhaps after playing this game you will make a decision and throw yourself into the tourism sector. You know, maybe if you win Sakarya University Tourism and Hotel Management at OSS, then I suggest you find me. Because I’ll be waiting for you there :)



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