Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire Review

Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire Review

Harry Potter’s fourth film, the youngest name in fantasy novels, has just entered the cinema, while publisher Electronic Arts, which has vowed not to leave fans of the film and the novel without Games, has released its new games called Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire. As in previous games, they shelved their games exactly a week ago to give those who could not stand still out of curiosity before watching the film in the cinema both the atmosphere of the story and a few clues to be obtained.

In each episode of the story, Harry and his friends have gone a little further in magic, and each time they have fought against scarier and more powerful creatures, sorcerers. Goblet Of Fire also does not disrupt this phenomenon and offers a darker, more moving and more terrifying atmosphere than the other three films, the game. The bad part is that the production, which is a panacea for players who have not yet had the opportunity to watch the film in the cinema, at least those who want to find out what is waiting for them by playing their game, does not contain any video of the film.
Carpe Retractum
The fourth game in the series begins with a video that is very simple and consists of drawings. At Hogwards, there is a witchcraft competition that will be the scene of quite great struggles this year, and on the night before the festivities begin, our heroes who anticipate the danger, who move quietly between the tents, find themselves in the forest. The first episode begins as if the phrase is falling from a roof, and suddenly we find ourselves fighting lizard-destroying creatures.

In our game, which can be controlled very easily from the keyboard, we can pull objects that need to be collected with the “Z” key towards us, and with the “X” we throw tiny magical balls that are our simple growth. The” C “ Key provides a structure that varies according to the enemy and objects that appear at that moment of the game. Basically, this key, which includes options such as moving objects, opening doors, or water magic to put out a fire, contains spells that are most useful to us. It also provides character control with Normal arrow keys, while the camera that constantly tries to follow us from the best angle cannot be turned and changed.

As we cast spells and defeat enemies, the little bar below begins to fill up. If we kill enough enemies with magic, dolan, thanks to this bar, we can make all our characters quite strong for a temporary period of time. At any point in the game after the Bar is full (it is better to coincide with this moment, especially when you are surrounded by many enemies.) We activate by pressing the” S “ KEY, and all characters can cast spells far above their actual strike power.

The little detail we need to know is the importance of the little frogs that we will find in nooks and crannies on the roads and escape from us. If any of our characters ‘ life force is reset in the game, they fall to the ground, and soon after, one of these frogs that we have collected is reduced and comes back to life. So at the beginning of the game, we’d better not miss these frogs, which are easier to find than the next episodes.
Aqua Eructo
From the first episode, the game, which progresses in a riot of extreme effects and colors that catch our eye, is based on collecting something at any moment. Almost every object we encounter throws countless colored beans into the environment if we shoot the creature. In addition, if we hit small sculptures hidden around the left and right, colored beans are again thrown out. When we collect these beans, we can open the Magic cards that will be presented to us at the end of the episode. As those who have tried other games can easily guess, in Goblet of fire, we need to collect enough beans to open each card. The cards we open are presented to be dealt to the characters before each episode. Having many options, such as +10 power points or performing stronger spells, we distribute these cards at the beginning of the episode to any of our three characters with a maximum of three.

Speaking of character choice, Harry, Hermione and Ron appear before each episode and wait to be chosen. We choose and control whichever part we want to play with. Other characters follow us during the game, fight alongside us, help us when necessary. There is no difference in character selection. So, whether you play with Harry or Hermione, there is no difference in power. Only the spell cards you selected before the episode began determine the differences between these characters. And, of course, the number of beans that you will collect in the game. Because whichever character you control in the game collects the most beans, and at the end of the episode, when the card is taken, there are not enough beans left for other characters. For this reason, it seems logical to alternately play each episode with another character.
At first, just someone to do it the “X” key by pressing advancing with magic and logic, then move objects and open doors and strike each other, as the gameplay is extremely simple and progressive in person for the short time from the ordinary shape with our game unfortunately doesn’t have the expected effect. OK, there are occasional puzzle items, but they also remain very simple. Apart from holding plants, which are one of our biggest puzzles, and throwing them at the enemy, we must hold down the magic key to open some doors and make our friends accompany us.

In the later part of the story, it is important that our friends, who we fight together against enemies that are growing in number, also contribute enough, but sometimes we do not find enough support. Because it stands out that the artificial intelligence that controls the other two characters sometimes misfires. For example, sometimes characters who come to us and help can look blankly when three characters have to push and pull the door we need to open or an object we need to push at the same time. In fact, one comes to help, and the other stays where it is, like, “What are they doing?” Another problem is that after an obstacle you pass, other characters are left behind. For example, after crossing the traps surrounded by flames with water magic, when the same place is covered in fire again, characters can stay behind the fire and die trying to get to us without putting out the fire.
Wingardium Leviosa
It would be wrong to use the term successful modeling for enemies and other sub-characters in a game in which every character playing the lead role in the film, especially Harry, Ron and Hermione, is modeled according to the truth. Although the overall graphics level is slightly above average, because we often cast spells, the effects show height all over the screen, sometimes the eyes show a tedious shape. However, it is a fact that the magic effects are of high quality. Visually, the worst part of the game is the camera system, which sometimes makes us look at our characters from the worst place.

Goblet Of Fire, which stands out especially with its vocalizations and music, is voiced by real movie actors, as in other games in the series. The best part of the game, combined with the vocalizations, successful music, is that it appeals to the ear.

The new Harry Potter game, which we are sure will take its place on the shelves while the film is about to enter the vision when the dates are again shown in November, has become another one of the children’s-themed action adventure games. If you have played with the likes of previous Harry Potter productions, or if you are a real fan of Harry Potter, you should also experience this atmosphere. It’s a production where kids who are in your house or young people who come to your house and are pointed out, “my child, play something on the computer to Alivelican,” will have a good time. For real action game lovers, it is impossible to be satisfied with Goblet Of Fire with both puzzles and the game system.




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