H1Z1 G29 error resolution

Even though you bought the survival game H1Z1 from Steam, where you fight zombies, if you get a G29 error when entering the game, you can solve the problem radically by reading this article. There is a solution to this error, which is sometimes caused by faulty or half-updated, and sometimes by damage to the game’s cached files. If you’re ready, let’s move on to how you can do it.

First, since we do not know exactly why the problem is caused, we need to try different methods. It is possible to fix the error by trying the options below in order.

“Run as administrator”

Before using a last resort, such as deleting and reinstalling the game, right-click the shortcut for the H1Z1 launcher on the desktop and select “Run As Administrator”. Maybe this could be a solution.

Verify cache files

You may be getting a G29 error because the game’s cache files are damaged. Open Steam and find H1Z1 from the game library and right-click it. After opening the properties menu, open the Local Files section from the top tabs. At the bottom of the page, there will be a button called “verify the integrity of the game cache”. Press this button until all files are definitively verified. The process will be completed when the installation window is full.

Verify game files

If your operations on Steam also did not benefit, turn on H1Z1 normally, then press the red gear button at the bottom right. From here, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Validate game assets and verify all files.






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