Gothic 3-Forsaken Gods Review

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5 min readJun 21, 2021
Gothic 3-Forsaken Gods Review

Gothic, which Piranha Bytes released in 2001, was the beginning of a new series. The unnamed protagonist of the production (his name was not revealed in others of the series) was intrigued by his unique world, gameplay. The story continued where it left off with Gothic 2. It was later released in Germany in English in 2003 and in 2005 as an additional Gothic 2 package, the night of the Raven. Piranha Bytes did not stand empty and announced that it was developing Gothic 3. Having taken its place on the shelves after a long development process, Gothic 3 was sadly disappointing. In fact, the production was basically good with its innovations, wide game world and graphics for its time, but the fact that it was officially a bug field affected the playability. In general, the Gothic series has always had technical problems. Although Piranha Bytes tried to create a successful series and Gothic had its own lovers, we can say that the bugs of the series also cooled many players. After Gothic 3, JoWood and Piranha Bytes parted ways. Gothic’s license rights remained with JoWood, while Piranha Bytes began working on a project called Risen, which they would release in 2009.

JoWood announced Gothic 4 and announced that spellbound (Helldorado, producer of Desperados 1–2) was developing the game. Under its full name, Gothic 4: Arcania will most likely be released in 2009. Construction is being prepared with a highly modified version of the Trinigy engine used in the Helldorado and Desperados 2. Despite the fact that Gothic 4 is still being developed, 2 years after JoWood, the additional package of Gothic 3 finally arrived.

An unnamed strange hero

Gothic 3-Forsaken Gods serves as a kind of bridge that fills the gap between Gothic 4 and Gothic 3 in development. It deals with the scenario gap and events between the two games. Peace is being made in Myrtana. Our nameless hero and Xardas travel through time and space to an unknown, secret different place to keep the forces in balance. But after they leave, there are again disagreements between the orcs and the humans, and the war bells start ringing again. The unnamed hero returns from his secret place to restore peace and wakes up in Myrtana.

When we start Forsaken Gods, we tell the events with a cinematic made with screenshots. Inside the house, we find ourselves talking to another character. We are getting in control here. Let me point out from the start, Forsaken Gods is a stand-alone playable additional task pack, meaning it doesn’t need the main game. The additional package has the same foundation as Gothic 3 in general, but has some innovations. The first is corrections to the combat system. It’s obvious that the system has been a little more overhauled. In fact, there were corrections made on the combat system with patches that appeared in Gothic 3, but you can say that Forsaken gods tried to achieve a little more balance. Some of the ridiculous technical problems that happened when we were fighting have disappeared. In addition to the improved system, new movements have been added. Apart from the combat system, the interface has also received a decimation. According to the main game Forsaken Gods’de interface has been decidedly more user-friendly. It’s a little easier to get what’s wanted.

Wide world

The vast and vibrant world of Gothic, as we have always known, is spread out in front of us in the same way in Forsaken Gods. In this living world, NPCs continue to live their own lives again. The creatures in the main game stand exactly the same, but in addition to these, there are new creatures and opponents.

As we wander through the Gothic world, we can also run into old friends. New creatures, besides NPCs, new missions and new weapons, new armor, etc… are available in Forsaken Gods. The mission system has the same consistency as gene Gothic 3, and I can even say that the new missions are a little more enjoyable than the old ones. Along with new items, the number of items in Gothic has increased and improved. The Level system continues as we know it, but in general, some corrections are also evident.

Forsaken Gods has some improvements made to the Gothic 3 engine. The graphics are made up, but there are not many positive results that this make-up brings. The visuals show its antiquity. The characters ‘ animations have been improved. In Gothic 3, when the main character died, he was in an interesting shape, like a belly dancer, as if he were saying oh how well I died. Some funny animations like this don’t happen very often in Forsaken Gods. The most criticized part of Gothic 3 was its technical problems. Bugs in the game were sometimes even enough to infuriate. The additional package unfortunately continues the traditional bug field habit of the series. Sometimes these bugs have absurd consequences. In fact, the main reason Forsaken gods have so many bugs is because the main codes of Gothic 3 are boiling bugs. The producers corrected the codes of Gothic 3, eliminated most bugs, and even re-checked the episodes they had prepared. But while some of the old bugs are still standing, there are also some problems that occur with the additional package. There are still problems, but the producers continue patching to eliminate bugs as much as they can. They’ve already released two for the game. But for the game to be more man-made, it needs to be patched up more.

Although improvements have been made to the technical infrastructure of Forsaken Gods, the loading screen takes a little longer. The system needs of the game remain low compared to current systems, and in someone who currently has a good system, downloads should take shorter, but for some reason it can take a little longer. And despite the improvements made to the graphics, the game has not yet been a man in terms of optimization. At times, freezes, FPS drops and slowness can occur. The additional package also offers 15–20 hours of gameplay time. As a result, if you liked and played Gothic 3, you can continue the adventure with Forsaken Gods, but in addition, it was a production that should be noted due to its technical problems.