Gast88 Review

Such games can make me smile happily. Don’t they assume a world without the living and tell it in cute colors or characters, it’s just one of those games that everyone can love.

One day, the cute ghost Gast (i.e. we) begins to go for a ride in the haunted amusement park. Imagine an amusement park that is far from our world, but not close to the other side. It’s such a fairytale land that you’re surprised at its cuteness even when you’re walking around in fear. Our job is to activate the clock that the evil clown stopped and make time run again. Because only with that clock flowing will the fun days return to the amusement park. In order to do this, we help other creatures, collect stars, and try to solve different puzzles using stars. As our number of stars increases, so does the number of places we can enter.

I don’t know what you expect from a platform game, but I don’t think I’ll need another game like this for a long time. First, the graphics are great. Take our character, for example. A lot of you have seen the” Scream “ movie series. Imagine the four-year-old version of the evil character stub and look at Gast. Now don’t smile. A slightly trapezoidal mouth, big and cute eyes, a funky tone of voice. Here’s our hero. Look at the screenshots. None of them are decimated images, but images of the game itself.

It’s a ruckus in the voices. Everything you’re looking for is available. The sounds of trees, the wind, the sounds of creatures, the strange sounds that make you cranky are all together. After a while, you come to the stage of paranoia. Because no matter where you step, either sudden effects come along with action you didn’t expect, or songs that are so comforting that they start to tire you out thinking about where it will end.

Gameplay is based solely on mouse use. As in the game Sanitarium, you move Gast in that direction by holding down the mouse cursor. When you want to get something, your cursor is in a hand, and if there is work to be done, it is surrounded by stars and begins to glow. And if there’s something you need to do on that screen, whether you have the material you need to do it or not, Gast’s thought balloons are starting to fly.

I repeat that we are facing a game that you must definitely play. Don’t say he didn’t say it later. First, in addition, what you need to do in the game is not sequential. So you can do any job you want at any time. That means not getting bored with the game.

I don’t think we need to talk any more. I think it’s a cult in its own branch, even if it’s not, it’s going down that path. I hope it’s not crushed between games that people think are beautiful just because they’re advertised.




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