Dungeon Siege Review

For an editor, the most enjoyable game to review is probably the game he’s been waiting for for months. About 7–8 months ago, I heard that Microsoft was going to release a game called Dungeon Siege. At first, I didn’t think it would be a very good game. There was never that kind of game when it was announced. Then we watched their video, and I think they made a good game this time. Finally, it was time, and Dungeon Siege was released. Of course, I started playing mouthwatering.

Dungeon Siege is a game that does not fall into a certain category among current games. Because it’s a Frp/Rpg game that’s really 3D for the first time. We all know Diablo, who leads this style. But I want to say that this game is a very different game than Diablo. First, the graphics are completely 3-dimensional. Although there are many similarities in gameplay, the choice of characters is quite different. Also, a situation that has been very fashionable lately has also been made in this game? Short Loadings. As in Blood Omen 2, this game only makes a small download at boot and starts the game. Apart from these, although I played 2 hours in the game, I never loaded.

I’d like to start with the installation as usual. The game installs close to 1GB. Most recently released games already install above 1Gb. It starts with what a dying old man said to a farmer. We run this farmer. The graphics are very interesting. As soon as you first entered the game, you said, “is this what I’ve been waiting for all these months?”you say, but after playing a little bit, we see that it’s actually been very worked out. There are not many videos in the game that have not been used in the introduction of the game. The reflections are made very beautifully, especially the sun’s rays passing through the trees. We can see the arrows we throw on the creature. In the same way, the arrows they throw are on us :) so much so that we can even see the bats at the entrance door when we enter the dungeon. The dungeons are beautifully designed. It’s not a lot of detail, but the images and that mystical atmosphere inside are really good. Here begins the first differences with Diablo. We don’t go down floors like in Diablo, and the roads are more obvious. As you know, in Diablo, most people couldn’t play without looking at the map, but we don’t have that problem here. Camera angles with your beautifully adjusted mouse you can adjust the angle you want. There’s even a zoom option if you want. We have the luxury of watching the fight from the ground, and even though you get that close, the graphics don’t break down. When we Zoom in on the feature, we understand how much detail there is when we change our character. In addition, with the Space button, we can stop the game where we want and look around us. In fact, stopping the game with Space is more of an event that happens in real FRP games such as Baldur’s Gate, but I think it’s also very good here. And this is something that Diablo doesn’t have. In this way, it was desired to give the game more FRP air instead of action. The forests are also beautifully prepared. Creatures usually come out in trees, bushes. It’s one of the game’s thinly thought-out pros. As for the sounds, it’s beautifully prepared. It’s obvious that creature sounds are being worked on. The buzzing and echoes in the dungeons are very realistic.

Like Diablo, this one has Quests. But it’s not like you go here and there like Diablo, it’s more like what you’re going to encounter in the game. Artificial intelligence seems to be bad in some places, but it’s also very good in some places. For example, when skeletons don’t come after you when you run, insects do. Maybe because skeletons can’t think :) we use a lot of weapons in the game. Most of them come off the creatures we’ve killed. With the indicator in the upper left corner, we can easily reach the weapon we want. We use the “i” button to put a gun there. By opening invertory, we can put any weapons we want from there. According to the progress of the subject, you can take characters with you. For example, a lady you found in the dungeon at the beginning of the game wants to join you. Of course, the choice is yours, if you want, you can’t take anyone with you. I think it’s better to be a crowd, both in terms of killing enemies and in terms of atmosphere, I prefer a crowd. The images are beautiful and varied. Apart from weapons, we can use them in magic in the game. The attention paid to weapons was also paid to spells. As much magic as possible. But here’s where I think the game is missing. As it is known, this game was a rival to Never Winter Night, which was expected to be released soon. But we can see that based on the videos we watch, spells are better at NWN. In Dungeon Siege, a lot of magic was given as a variety, but the graphics were not given much attention when casting spells. In addition, we do not choose a character at the beginning of the game, for example, choose a Paladin and play according to it. Our character develops entirely according to the weapons we use in the game and the spells we cast. We can count that as a plus. There are also many secret dungeons. For example, by turning a statue, you can open the doors of a secret dungeon.

There are 4 skills in the game. By developing them, we determine what our character should be. Skiller is like Ranger, Malee, Combat Magic and Natural Magic. If we want our character to fight very well with a paladin-style sword and shield, we need to fight with a sword and shield all the time. So the Malee skill is growing, fighting better every time it increases. I think it’s the simplest skill to develop. If you want to have an Archer character, you need to improve the Ranger skill, you need to constantly shoot arrows in it. Very difficult to make idael an Archer character. You have to organize your people very well. In some places, you encounter an extreme creature, and in such cases, you have to constantly run away. The Magicians are divided into 2 groups. It’s really hard to make and develop a wizard character here, as in Ultima Online, where everyone has been playing recently. If you want a wizard character to fight, you must increase the Combat Magic skill. So you have to cast spells on the enemy all the time. I think there’s a downside to the game here. The first level spells are not very strong, and to jump to the level, we need to constantly kill creatures with these spells. In this case, you get a little bored. It would be better if you made those with you warriors with swords and shields. Another wizard skill is natural Magic, and you increase this skill with spells that you cast on your teammates. Developing such a character is easier than developing a sorcerer to fight. If you set the spell to be made from the top menu and leave it selected, he is constantly doing this spell to his teammates. For example, I gave a character a Heal spell when I was playing. And he’s improved a lot, and I didn’t have to drink heal potion during the fight.

I think the most enjoyable part of the game is that you define your own character by what you do. Fighting with swords and shields and increasing your skill is simpler, while becoming a sorcerer is harder. I’d like to talk about Dungeons. we move forward by lighting torches in corners where dungeons are made very dark to see in certain parts. For example, you are attacked by insects in a dungeon, which I think was minutes of adrenaline. In some places, I think there are too many creatures, fortunately, there are very few such places. 1–2 place passing really hard people.

Final Words:

I’d say Dungeon Siege is number one of its kind right now. The dungeons and camera angles are really good. There’s not much difficulty in the gameplay either. It’s a really good moment to be able to stop the game and you get the opportunity to look around. I think he’ll stay at number 1 until Never Winter Night comes out. But based on the in-game videos I’ve watched, I can say that Never Winter Night seems to be much better than Dungeon Siege.






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