Dreamfall — The Longest Journey Review

Dreamfall - The Longest Journey Review

I’m going back six years. I’m building a four-CD game on my computer. The Longest Journey. How do I know that I am building worlds, not even games, that will affect me the most in my life, arguably the most beautiful adventure game ever made to date. And a game made by Funcom, a Norwegian firm whose name was not heard until that day. It’s an original story with timeless graphic quality, excellent vocalizations, four-by-four puzzles, and above all, a quality that we haven’t seen an example of until now. And when the April Ryan character was added to all this, we came across a game that was more than a classic.

When we started The Longest Journey, an old aunt was telling her listeners a story that had happened. A story about April Ryan and “Balance.” April Ryan, 18. Separated from his home, he was staying in a dormitory in Newport Venice and was a fine arts student. When our aunt started the story, we found ourselves in a dream that April Ryan often saw(or thought she saw). We were in a different world. A dragon that came out after helping a tree and saving an egg said that it was the mother of everything, and we were the mother of the whole future. Cortez, who was sitting on the bench when we woke up and came out of the dorm before we woke up, was talking about our dreams in a way that we couldn’t understand how, and talking about our fate, that we were the Chosen One.
My Love, April Ryan…
Although April Ryan didn’t believe in them at first, she didn’t listen much to her dreams, over time she found herself in an incredible story. April Ryan was really chosen. In the universe, there were two different planets named Arcadia and Stark. Stark is a planet based on the science and industry we live on. Arcadia is a planet based on magic and chaos. The future of these two planets was provided by a Guardian located in the tower with a balance system called “balance”. At a time when the guardian of the tower was without the chaos Vortex(Black, like ink spreading chaos throughout April Ryan and stronger attacks each time the White Dragon Adventure) Vanguard(both planets in the formation of the community of scientists, they are responsible for the balance between science and magic) and their leader, Jacob McAllen(Cortez’s brother, the founder of Vanguard, a God-Kin who planned to rule both planets as he wanted by making Gordon Halloway The Guardian, whom he had spiritually divided into two by experimenting on), knowing this opportunity, he wanted to destroy the balance and unite the two planets. Against them were April Ryan, the White Dragon(April’s first God-kin, living next to a big tree in Arcadia) and Cortez(McAllen’s brother, April’s most important assistant), who we thought would become the Guardian in the future with her “shift” ability that allowed her to travel between two worlds.
Even if you can’t be the Guardian, My Heart Is Yours, April
Although I fit the subject into a paragraph, in fact, this story was a perfect story created with very serious work, deep, original, with no deficit, no deficit. The whole story wasn’t given to the player at the beginning of the game, and step by step April Ryan and I were trying to figure out what was going on. And the game had such an end…. I’m sure all the adventure players watched the last video with their mouths open. It will be a bit of a spoiler for those who don’t play, but at the end of the game, April Ryan found out that she wasn’t really the Guardian when she placed herself in a mechanism for balance, but rather that her archenemy Halloway was the Guardian. But even if he wasn’t The Guardian, he was chosen, and he kept the balance between the two planets afloat, destroying McAllen’s influence on Halloway. At the end of the game, it was emphasized that Stark and Arcadia should remain separate, just as good and bad, black and white should remain separate, but with a lot of question marks in our heads, of course.
We’re finally starting Dreamfall…
We begin Dreamfall with Brian Westhouse, a character we know from “The Longest Journey.” In” the Longest Journey”, when April was going to Arcadia for the first time, Cortez told her to find Brian there so April could return to Stark.

Brian was born in Boston in 1902, and after spending his youth on the seas, he met Cortez in 1930 in India. Although he was not a” Shifter”, he was able to travel to Arcadia. Although he did not feel this journey himself, it took 275 years and he reached Arcadia at the age of 49. Yeah, at the beginning of the game, Brian has two paths ahead of him. But his choice has been made long before. After leaving a diary behind, the ritual begins, and Brian goes to “the Winter”, our new planet. Immediately after that, we encounter Chaos Vortex(undreaming). Before we know what’s going on here, we come across a beautiful young girl lying in a coma in a hospital room next to a rather exotic beach in Casablanca. Zoe Castillo starts talking to us and telling us what’s going on while her father is desperate. After Zoe tells us that really bad things are going on in the world, and those who know about it die one by one, we start the game without knowing too much about the story.
What a beauty she is, Zoe
Our game begins in Casablanca in 2290, 10 years after the end of the Longest Journey. Zoe is a 20-year-old bioengineering student but has been expelled from school, although she loves her boyfriend(Raze) very much, their relationship has ended and she has taken refuge with her father and given herself to martial arts. Casablanca is a very Technological City on the one hand and so exotic on the other. In addition to skyscrapers, flying cars, people usually live in houses with historical views. The Internet has been replaced by a public network called “The Wire”. Everything in the world, television, phone, traffic, etc. It’s up to wire. In recent times
There are problems caused by some solar winds called “Static” in wire. People are disconnected from The Wire, there are a lot of traffic accidents. At the beginning of the game, of course, Zoe is someone who watches all this on TV.

One day, Zoe sees another of the hallucinations she often sees at home while watching slimy TV again. Just like in the ring, a little girl and a tower appear, whose face does not appear properly due to her hair, and the girl asks Zoe for help. At the beginning of the game, this girl appears for a while on almost every screen that Zoe sees, and she asks Zoe to find April Ryan. Zoe then leaves the TV and goes downstairs and talks to her father. After learning that his father is going to Bombay for two weeks, he gets permission from his father for a party he wants to give at home that evening and heads to the gym to work on martial arts. Meanwhile, he invites friends he encounters on the road to his party, one of whom is Olivia, who will be very helpful to Zoe, especially in technological matters. Later, Zoe receives a text from her ex-boyfriend Reza. When he meets Reza, he finds out that Reza is after a dangerous and big story. Reza tells us to do him a favor and get a package for him from a company called Jiva. When Zoe goes to Jiva, she asks the front desk about the doctor she called, but gets a negative response. Then, on the screen just behind the reception, he sees the doctor imprisoned. After incapacitating the receptionist, he saves the doctor and gets the package Reza wants. After all this, Zoe, who thinks that something may have happened to Reza, goes to Reza’s house immediately. As he is about to enter the house, a cat in front of the door catches his attention. When he comes in, he sees a woman’s body on the floor, as well as the mess. Of course, Reza’s not around. At that time, the cops break in and arrest Zoe. After a long interrogation, Zoe, who is free, goes after Reza. After a little effort, Zoe, who reaches a note that Reza left for her, goes to Newport-Venice on this note.
We’re Back In Newport.
Here’s where Zoe’s path now intersects with April’s. Because all of a sudden, we find ourselves in Newport, where we started “The Longest Journey” with April Ryan. Everything’s changed so much. In The Longest Journey, the colorful, immaculate spaces are now dark and homeless places. The Border House (the dorm where April lived) closed and became a hotel. The bench in front of the dorm is still there. As soon as I see it, I immediately think of April’s first encounter with Cortez There.

Yeah, that’s how our game starts. Now let’s start studying Dreamfall. As you can read above in terms of the story, Dreamfall has a story that I can fit into two pages, but can actually hold dozens of pages. Of course, this is because it continues the story of “The Longest Journey.” Those who don’t play”The Longest Journey “ can, of course, play Dreamfall, but I’m not sure how much they can master the subject. Because most of the places and characters in Dreamfall are what we know from The Longest Journey, and the story begins exactly where The Longest Journey Ends. So I strongly recommend new players to play Dreamfall after playing “The Longest Journey”. So they can evaluate Dreamfall from a much different perspective.

In Dreamfall, we are now in a completely three-dimensional world. The graphics are quite high quality and complete for a game of this genre. The atmosphere of each environment in it feels complete to the player. Cars passing by, flying cars that you see when you lift your head, children walking around. Homeless in dark places, dogs and, of course, our new world “the Winter”. I think the graphics show the last point that can come today for this kind of Game. Especially Dreamfall’da search videos as high quality as I have not seen any game so far I am not lying if I say Dec.

The characters, especially Zoe Castillo, are perfectly designed. All characters have their own stories, their own personalities. As with the graphics, the vocalizations could not be done better. In many adventure games, the characters ‘ dialects grin at the dialogues, while in Dreamfall, you watch the dialogues as if you were watching a movie. The characters ‘ conversations and mouth movements are 100% compatible. Their voices are 100% compatible with the characters ‘ appearance. In terms of graphics and vocalizations, Dreamfall is a masterpiece. The last point where the species can come.
Sadness and banana peel
Maybe it’s a start. Because at this point I will have to end the beautiful comments I have made so far for Dreamfall. The reason is that Dreamfall is just a game that is far above average in the criteria for Story, music and voice-overs. In terms of playability and the type of game to which it belongs, Dreamfall is unfortunately a very unsuccessful game in my opinion. It’s a game where a lot has to be put on it, a lot of development, and even in the third (which I’m sure we’ll see in the third) the producers have to make serious decisions.

The first benchmark interface where the game fails. We have to use both a keyboard and a mouse in a three-dimensional environment. We move our character with the keyboard while changing the camera angle with the mouse and meeting the requirements of the classic point & click interface. It’s hard to adjust the camera angle correctly. At the beginning of the game, I spent a lot of time managing Zoe and getting used to the interface. Especially in small rooms or narrow spaces, the camera goes to incredibly bad places, you can neither see your character nor move him. On the one hand, you constantly press a button so that your character does not run. On the other hand, you direct your character with a-s-w-D. In one hand, you’re constantly trying to correct the camera angle on the mouse. At this point, when you need to reach your inventory, you pluck your hair. You don’t have a chance to “reverse” the mouse’s camera effect. So there’s no flexibility in the interface. You have to play the way it’s designed. I was really disappointed when we added “loading” screens, which are often among all of them. OK, there may be “loading” screens during episode transitions or at certain intervals, but as you move along the same street, suddenly the game is interrupted and the arrival of a “loading” screen, albeit 2–3 seconds, suddenly takes you away from the story, the atmosphere. For some reason, the objects that our character can use on the corresponding screen are taken into huge diagonals. It’s a system far from realism. When you click, just like in The Longest Journey, small icons appear in a small window showing what we can do with that object/person. The classic “point & click” interface in The Longest Journey was used exactly at this point.
A highly unsuccessful system that absolutely does not satisfy the player
“The Longest Journey “ was a pure adventure game. It contained all the features that an adventure game should have. Dreamfall, on the other hand, was announced as an “action-adventure” long ago. In this case, I had two different expectations. The first is a game like Prince Of Persia or Tomb Raider, or a game like the last time we played Broken Sword. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find either of my expectations in the game.

First, let’s look at the game in terms of action. The producers described the action scenes of the game, especially the fight/fight sections, so much so that I was incredibly disappointed when I encountered these scenes. The thing is, we can’t even jump our character. The fight / fight sections are so simple. There are only three moves you can make. Strong hitting, weak hitting and defense. That’s all. During any fight, you and your opponent’s life indicators suddenly appear, which makes you feel like you’re playing Street Fighter. It’s quite simple, far from creative, with just a three-movement system, you’re already easily destroying your opponent. It’s definitely a very, very far from satisfactory and a failed system. If you’re making such an ambitious game, you should definitely take an example from Prince Of Persia, Tomb Raider.
Another action element that the producers again described as ballandira ballandira was the” sneaking “ system.
In some cases it would be left to the player to fight or not. The player was supposed to be able to go through some episodes without fighting, moving in secret, hiding. But in this system, just like in the fight/fight system, it is quite simple and unsuccessful. So a robot or dog that notices you when you walk past it can’t notice you when you sneaking, that is, just squat slightly and walk past it. That’s about it. In a game where producers make such ambitious statements about it, frankly, I would like to see a “Sneaking” system like Splinter Cell. All we do with” Sneaking “ is squat and walk. We can’t hide in the shadows, we can’t crawl, we can’t hide.

I don’t know how we can call this game action after not hosting the game I described above. So, how did Dreamfall, which unsuccessfully reflected the action to the player, accommodate adventure elements. Here’s the biggest disappointment already. Dreamfall used almost no adventure game elements. Its only basis is a powerful, fluid and immersive story flow. Other than that there is nothing. I’d like to study puzzles, but believe me, there are no puzzles in the game. It’s always clear where you’re going to do what. Almost all the dialogue and tasks that Zoe has to do are clearly recorded on her phone. Throughout the game, it is always clear to the player what to do. There’s no problem here, but there’s nothing that makes it difficult for the player to do these tasks. Access to all objects is extremely easy. When you’re hanging out somewhere, all you have to do is pick up your phone and review the latest records or call a couple of people. You’ll find out what you need to do right away. The inventory system is very useless. There are a few simple inventory puzzles, but I think it would be wrong to say a puzzle. Yes, this game is definitely not an adventure game.
So what’s in Dreamfall?
Dreamfall has an excellent, original, fluid, immersive story. There are spaces and atmosphere reflected in this story. There are graphics, music and vocalizations that take these venues, the atmosphere to the top. Other than that, unfortunately, nothing. This game was not able to successfully accommodate either action elements or adventure elements. There are some action games, they contain all the requirements of the genre, but they are not of quality, they do not please the player and squeeze. There are some adventure games, they contain all the elements of the genre, but they can fail. Puzzles grin, are too difficult or too easy, can be unnecessary puzzles. I wish that was the case in Dreamfall. At least if it had hosted these items, it would have failed. Unfortunately, Dreamfall does not have any of these elements, so let’s talk about its success or failure. During the game, the player is told what to do, and the player does these tasks without any difficulties. It’s the whole game. For example, when Zoe had to go to Newport, she jumped in a taxi and left. In the Moment of silence, we solved a few puzzles, from finding tickets for a similar trip to opening a locker at tutunda airport.
But despite all this, it’s hard to call Dreamfall a bad game.
Because Dreamfall, a game based on The Longest Journey, eats away at his legacy. Although it is considered a failure when we evaluate the game as an adventure, or an action, or an adventure — action, we cannot get out of the game with its magnificent theme, graphics, music, vocalization, and smooth, immersive story flow. He always keeps us at the computer so that we can learn a little more about the story and move forward with the question of what will happen now. I haven’t finished the game yet, but as far as I know, the game ends with surprises and question marks, as in The Longest Journey. Which brings us to the third game of the series. Despite everything, Dreamfall should not be missed, especially for players who have played The Longest Journey before.

I hope that in the third, the adventure elements in “The Longest Journey”, the action and fight/fight elements in “Prince of Persia”, The “Sneaking” system in “Splinter Cell” will bring us a unique game that will be one of its kind with a great story flow Funcom.