Dragon’s Lair 3 Review

Dragon's Lair 3 Review

The Dragon’s Lair concept is one of the most interesting ideas we can come across. This interest comes not from the story itself, but from the gameplay. When you get it, you’ll see that Dragon’s Lair is just a few of the elements that make it a game. Although it is 3-D, it was created with cartoon graphics and in fact a little younger players were selected as targets. The interesting point we’re talking about is that we don’t directly command Dirk the daring, the lead character. Events are completely controlled by the computer, advances, jumps, even some fights. We just come into play in certain places and try to move forward by pressing the right button at the right time. All the remaining processes develop as if artificial intelligence is trying to finish the game itself. This, in turn, turns a beautiful idea into a monotonous mood, whether you want it or not.

I saw something yellow.

Dragon’s Lair 3 is the subject of a new adventure by Dirk the daring. Don’t expect a story that’s lonely, grand and full of intrigue. As we have already noted, perhaps the fact that the story is branching out may be due to the consideration of younger players. Mordroc, the evil sorcerer, kidnaps Princess Daphne, and guess who’s on the mission to save her. It’s hard to guess who it actually falls to; does it fall to us or to the computer?

When you insert the first CD of the game, which consists of a double CD, into the computer, you will see that you can enter the event directly, so you are not dealing with any installation process. Only at the beginning you are offered two options, by selecting “Play” mode, you can start the way you progress by pressing the necessary keys in the necessary parts of the story. If it’s “Watch” mode, it doesn’t involve you at all, and if you’re a cartoon-loving person, you see the same story just by watching it. Although the system of interfering with events may seem nice at first, it becomes unbearable from time to time due to glitches in the game and you have to close the story before completing it.

At certain points, we have 5 key options that we need to press depending on the current situation. We use the arrow keys where you need to move, and the “Space” key to attack where you need to attack enemies. As for where we have an action to take, where we need to go, or the enemy we will attack, it glows yellow. So, if the place where we should jump is in front of us, if the parts where we should run or retreat are shining on the right-left side, then we need to press the right or left keys according to the location. Of course, timing is also important when doing this, if we can’t take the right action at the right time, it dies and we have to deal with the same trap or enemy again. Also, sometimes, after a long period of time, when we press the wrong button behind the traps we pass, it sends us all the way to the beginning of that part, and we lose time by starting to try again. Another handicap is that you can’t beat some Decemberist demos. It’s no fun hanging out somewhere and watching the same demo over and over again.The yellow glare is very annoying in some places. For example, a platform starts showing in yellow, and our goal is to jump there. The camera shows him in a place where we can’t tell if he’s on the left or upstairs. Sometimes, even when you see that the place you think you can cross with the exact Up button is actually crossed with the left button, an irrational situation arises. Objects could be identified in more understandable places, or the camera could be adjusted more carefully accordingly. The biggest problem is that sometimes the keys you press correctly are not detected and you fail for no reason. Apparently, its logic and gameplay for the game were not approached very carefully.

Run, Dirk, Run!

Although the graphics consist of cartoon-like images, they are 3-D. Although some blur is noticeable from place to place, there are clean graphics and they look compatible with cartoon images. One of the things I find most funny and funny as well as boring is the sounds. In-game sounds are not quality, especially the sounds Dirk makes when he’s dying or in a panic, and the speech of the lady trying to guide us during the game is ear-scratching and even funny. Actually, we think that this lady’s voice was created on purpose, but I wish it wasn’t, because she looks pretty antipathy. Dragon’s Lair 3, whether we can play full screen or in Windows, we can also play by adjusting the screen size ourselves. And the music is not bad, where there is action, symphonic music enters.

In Dragon’s Lair 3, the time we spend on behalf of the game is unfortunately limited. As a rule, the computer goes through the most important places, even in some places, it takes blows or something like that, as if it were a real player, or sees that the door is closed and looks for other ways. Even these events sound very contrived and express no characteristics. Even our little friends, if they went to the head of Dragon’s Lair 3 just to watch, they’d be pretty likely to get bored. As we move forward, we will encounter different levels and bosses, of course, it depends on how much you tolerate to move forward. If you have that patience, Dragon’s Lair 3 will never force you anyway. For small game lovers, it is an artifact that can be taken and hidden in the corner, even bored, but then it is not known when it will be looked at again.





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