Dante’s Inferno Review

Dante's Inferno Review

Faith is a must for all people. Living for a purpose and making an effort on that path will help a person both respect themselves and take care of their environment. What about post-Earth life? So it’s actually a new life that starts with death…

Countless works written in the past have been made available to users as movies or games today, and continue to be presented. As we get the chance to view stories that have been known for many years from different dimensions, there is also an increase in the level of interest shown.

Inferno, meaning “Hell” in Italian, is Dante Alighieri’s 14th novel. it forms the first piece of his epic Divine Comedy of the century. Followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso. If we sort in Turkish; Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.

In the work, Hell is depicted as nine stories high. Millions of people who have committed sins throughout their lives around the world are being convicted on floors where they will be punished according to the extent of their crimes.

1. kat-Limbo: it is the Kat featuring people who have not been baptized. In fact, they are honest, but they are in infinite uncertainty and emptiness.

2. kat-Lust: this level, which means Lust, is where people who have been prisoners of their desires all their lives are worthy, as the name suggests. Adultery is certainly considered a major crime, and those who do are the ones who should be punished first. Semiramis, Dido, Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Achilles and more are featured on this floor.

3. kat-Gluttony: gluttons, who can not go beyond eating and drinking all the work, are the owners of the third floor. The ones that don’t work, just think about their throats.

4. kat-Avarice: kat, where there are people who do not draw the boundaries of life as Unity, have fallen into the self and have adopted the rule of stinginess.

5. kat-Wrath and Sullenness: kat, where anger and gloom reign, and those who cause them are held.

6. kat-Heresy: there are people here who are controlled by perverse emotions.

7. floor-Violence: this floor consists of three rings. Punishments are given for bad behavior against God, people and one’s own.

8. kat-Fraud: people like cheaters, Alchemists and counterfeiters are kept here one step to the bottom.

9. kat-Truston: on the ninth and lowest floor, there are people who are obliged to pay the price of any betrayal. In addition, the Devil Named Cocytus also lives here.

A man fighting for his love

In the production, we direct a soldier named Dante. Attacked during the Crusades, our character does not accept his fate when he is about to die and begins to fight against the creature who wants to take his life. As he kills him, we claim both his life and the giant scythe in the creature’s hands. Fate immediately sets out a new path, as he does not like to stay in the void, and this time he targets the woman Dante loves. When Dante returns home after the battles, he sees that his lover has been killed, and his soul has also been taken by Lucifer. After this minute, it’s a new beginning. This time, he must go on the road to get back, not for others, but only for his own feelings and the woman who caused it. He must also step into the 9 floors of Hell in turn, first destroying the creatures and then the gigantic bosses to save the soul of his lover.

The control scheme of our game in the action adventure genre is quite easy. If you’ve played God of War before, you’ll see it’s pretty much the same and you won’t be forced to. We don’t just point our guns at Creatures and leave heads on the torso. The first point of attention when we start the game is the section designs. As you move forward, you come across different structures, and that’s really impressive. Developments in the background during your battles, the desperate walks of sinners, details such as the walls where the buzzing echoes, are one of the aspects that make Dante’s Inferno strong. Especially when you move on the walls, the people under the floor, where you can hear their screams and see their fluttering, must be the clearest evidence of helplessness and perhaps regret.

We can open bridges, overcome gaps by climbing ropes, or change floors thanks to primitive elevators. In order to do all this, we need to be clean. We have enemies big and small. Small ones, usually small but self-attacking. We must be careful, especially when moving in bulk, and perform continuous sudden escapes using the analog key. Big enemies, on the other hand, are important for our points and health level. They don’t die right away, and that’s why we have to deal with it. When they get to the point of death, the phrase L2 appears on them. “Punish”or “ forgive”. That choice is up to us. If you want to create brutality by dividing it in half, the simple instructions on the screen will help you.


At some points in battle sites, we can encounter weak, helpless people. Actually, they’re not ordinary people. There are important sins that they all commit, and it is again up to us to forgive or punish. If we choose to forgive, we encounter a mini-game screen. There are 4 keys, and whichever one comes up with a sphere, we need to press it instantly. In this way, we purify the person and travel to the light. And the benefit to us is reflected in the number of Souls. Using them, we can improve our attack types. For a detailed development map, just browse the menu that comes when we press start. Being forgiving or punishing people brings out our good and bad sides.

Thanks to the energy spheres we can find from the creatures we kill or from the environment, we can increase our health levels, activate the spells we can do. We have a lot of fun assaults. By jumping into the air, we can cut our opponents in half, throw one enemy at the end of our weapon and throw it at others, or listen to them try to breathe by cutting their throat on the spot. When we press L1 + R1 at the same time, our character goes crazy and starts fighting very fast for a short time. We can control some creatures. As a result of our constant attacks, we control these creatures with the help of the L2 button. And then what happens? As soon as I see it, I’ll immediately say that the video of God of War 3 came in my mind, and I’ll move on. We can move our creature in any direction we want, make it spray flames, or make weak opponents die by making them use their giant fists (did someone say Cyclops?).

Let’s move on to boss fights. They all have easy points, and the sooner you discover them, the faster you can kill the bosses. Otherwise, the pleasure you will get from the game will also decrease, as you will constantly do the same things. Let’s remind again that there are people waiting to be forgiven in each episode, and giant bosses that we must defeat, because we will tour all 9 levels respectively.


The element of nudity is used in the game too much. From the most elegant ladies to the most disgusting creatures, you can see it. I should point out that Dante’s Inferno falls short of expectations in terms of visual quality. Cartoon-style videos and animations that appear between episodes are very impressive. But the visuals we encounter when we suddenly return to the game can cause us to be stunned. The lack of detail in character designs and coatings is not overlooked. Also, the lack of aa is very obvious. Although good drawings are determined as thoughts, they have not been used much in practice. Some elements made me very uncomfortable. For example, the boss, who pulls evil babies out of his chest and releases them on us, symbolizes the monument of abomination. I like the sounds of Dante’s Inferno. Our main character’s tone is also in place.A soft tone of voice was unthinkable given his determined structure and relentless attacks. I have to say that I also hear beautiful melodies about music, but I can’t say I’m very impressed.

As a result, Dante’s Inferno, despite having a detailed source behind it, is unable to form its own original line. Similar in many ways to productions such as God of War and Devil May Cry, the game failed to offer users significant innovations.If you know about the story and want to see it as a game, you can try it. Also, until God of War 3 arrives, unfortunately, it will not be able to go beyond a cookie to pass the time.

What is thought of Dante’s Inferno?

* Dante’s Inferno, created by Visceral Games, which previously developed Dead Space, seems to have bothered people. Because EA Games has been subject to various protests since the game was announced…

* When EA Games announced Dante’s Inferno for the next generation of consoles, they were confident that their work would be successful (it’s too early to talk about it as a sales figure). About the game, officials said,” such a work needs to be shown again to young people with a modern video game.”

* The story of Dante’s Inferno, produced by Will Rakos. Let’s note that one-on-one is not the same as the original work. * Dante’s Inferno was protested during E3 2009 by about 20 people who claimed to belong to a church in the city of Ventura.

* News of the protest also came from the” International nannies Union”. The orphans have stated that the unbaptized demonic babies and killings featured in Dante’s Inferno are not true, and they still take a stand against Ea.

* Dante’s Inferno is not a game that will be easily accepted by every player because it contains religious elements. In particular, the attitude of Muslim countries towards this game will be predicted, EA announced that Dante’s Inferno will not be released in Middle Eastern countries. “People’s sensitivity to religion” was cited as justification. God of War, as it is known, was also not welcome in these countries.

* No continuation product is considered for construction. At the very least, it is expected that the game will be a success. However, it has now been confirmed that DLC packages are being developed. Already, the main menu also included a special title for extra content packages.




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