Cultures 2: Gates of Asgard Review

Cultures 2: Gates of Asgard Review

After a year’s break, Cultures is back with us. As a StarCraft fan I would like to immediately point out that the RTS genre is one of my favorite genres. But I want a pure RTS. It’s pure and unaffected by other genres, so Adam bass and war are my kind :) I didn’t like it in Warcraftiii anyway. It’s a very limiting game. That’s the kind of game in cultures. So it’s a mix of some kind of games. RPG and RTS genre mixed well, but as I said, I can not get much taste of such games. However, there will be people who like it, and I will try to remain neutral for them as much as I can. For example, the game is a little Baldur’s Gate and a little bit of a mix of Setlers. In fact, we can call it the strategic weight of Baldur’s Gate. I wouldn’t be lying if I said it contained some Sims.

And God Created The Computer….

The game has a very complicated structure. The military management and economic system are a slightly modified form of the settlers, while the missions are, as I said, Baldur’s Gate style. Also, as a new one, you can take care of each of your people one by one. You can put them to sleep, feed them, perform their religious duties. You can even meet his sexual needs. Of course, this results in another person joining your village, so that’s how you multiply. Now let me tell you about the development of your peasant, taking it from the beginning, listen carefully :) first right-click on a female character and direct her to a house. After a while, when we click on this character again, you will encounter the find a man option. As soon as we click on him, our character immediately starts looking for a wife for himself, and after a while they enter the house. After a certain time, a stork comes and leaves your baby at your door. It can be the same with a man, but I’ve never tried it.

The baby is developing over the intervening time. First he becomes a young man, and then he steps into adulthood. And after you become an adult, you determine his profession. So you make sure it’s a Fisher, a scout, a farmer, or a miner who collects any minaret. To do this, you need to right-click on your character and choose from the menus that appear. Now I want to touch a little bit on the economic structure of the game. In fact, the Settlers have a structure in which their players are no strangers. So everything follows each other. We need the necessary materials to do anything if we need to give an example, we have to have people to collect these materials and functioning buildings, but then we can do the unit we want.

It may have been easy for you now, but you’ll see when you play that it’s not easy at all. I also find it useful to remind you of the proverb that the sound of the drum is pleasant from afar. Bird to make thousands of materials and what amounts they need by clicking on the icons to the left of the screen can find out. You can also access the game’s menu and map from these icons. If you click on the help pane that will appear when you click on a building, and you trust your English, you can also find a lot of information about the game here. Now I want to tell you the most fun feature of the game. You can change the name of each of your people. So you dusununse to feed your people and you are doing everything to get to sleep(so far they’re doing Auto) and you can change the name, but in fact is just a game you think that you have both the Baldur’s gate and settlers, simcity you can play both at the same time :) joking aside, the game has added So you can change the names of your people, pretty color. Think about it, you give all your people the names of people you know, and you do what you want (or torture:).

At the top of the screen, icons that contain information about your people are constantly displayed. You have to read them and act accordingly. Of course, this happens if you don’t read it, but then you can’t have enough information about the state of your people. One thing you should pay attention to is the morale of your people. You can increase their morale by praying and making them talk to each other. If you don’t put your men to sleep, feed their bellies, or boost their morale, they can stop working. To play this game, you understand, we have to be ten mice and we have to be mutated octopuses. But as always, you get used to it.(I’m not used to it yet)God also created cultures

Now for the war. As with any RTS, and from Allah, it is our natural right to fight in this game. A little excitement doesn’t hurt anyone. But in some places, the game turns into an RPG, and we can also cross certain places without fighting. At the beginning of each episode, we are given a task and we try to fulfill this task. We may even have to talk to someone about it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t call this game a complete RTS, so a little rts, a little rpg, a little adventure mix. Frankly, it doesn’t sound like a very heartwarming mix, but there are still lovers who have made Adamas. Our main character in the game is Bjarni. With Bjarni, you can do Diplomatic things, you can fight, you can cook, you can wipe the floor, you can even Iron if you’re too stuck.

A post is not finished without mentioning the technical features of the game. CulturesII with very, very cute graphics. He has drawings that are almost cuter than the settlers. So when you see a big city, you come to sit and watch the city and your people. As you can see from the pictures on the side, everything is drawn in detail and the graphics do not enter each other, but sometimes you can find and choose when your character enters a forest. Here are such situations and the ability to assign this character to any number has been added to the game so that we can easily access the character (or groups) we want. This is a feature used in most strategy games. For this reason, when our character is selected, we hold down the ctrl key and press the number we want, and after that, when we Press this key, our character is automatically selected. Did someone say voices? Yes, it is present in the voice in the game, and very well and Foursquare prepared sounds, in fact, your villagers do nothing but grumble, but even this does not bother you very much because it is used on the spot.

I think it would be better if we could figure out what the villagers are talking about when they talk to each other. Imagine if we could listen to your people pulling or praising you, talking about the weather,talking about the war that happened the other day and how much they were afraid, wouldn’t it be better if we could listen to you. It may sound like a request that you have exceeded, but it is not impossible. I argue that the game world now needs to show more tangible innovation and that games no longer just change their graphics with developing technology, but capture an atmosphere that attracts people more.

And God Gave Man Patience

There’s nothing more to say. I mean, we’re at the end of another article, but there’s a few more things to say. The game is not very different from the first and contains various modes within itself. One of them is Campaign, which is of the RTS type. As everyone knows, this is not actually a mode, but the game itself. Another mode is that we choose a map for ourselves and play there. The controls, as I said, are very complicated and difficult. In fact, the reason for this is that the game is very comprehensive(they have removed the water of the game(of course, this is my opinion)). You have to take care of everything one by one. Don’t think it’s so easy to get used to the game. I think in a few days you can only fully solve it and learn the controls. I said If you’ve noticed, you can find out, which certainly doesn’t mean you can get used to it. Don’t be intimidated by another thing I want to mention. After a while, I started to enjoy the game, and enthusiasts will not care about my thoughts anyway. But if you are a stranger to the genre or have just entered the game world, this is a game that you should be far away from. Of course, hardcore players may have already finished the game, that’s a separate matter, the choice is yours. If you are confident in yourself and say what games we have seen, I say play get.



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