csgo.exe stopped working error resolution

CS:GO, which is located in the game library of almost everyone who owns Steam, often works without errors, as the game receives updates at regular intervals. But on some computers, error messages such as “CS:GO has stopped working” can appear in front of players. The bad part is, this error can manifest itself after opening the game. It’s not even a job to be banned from CS:GO for a while as a result of such a mistake, especially when playing a competitive match.

Fortunately, there are some methods that you can refer to to fix this error.

Turn off Multicore rendering

After you turn on CS:Go, Set options > Video Options > Multicore Rendering to off from the top menu. The problem may be solved when you enter the game later.

Run in compatibility mode or as administrator

Right-click the CS:GO shortcut on the desktop and try running it in compatibility mode with XP or Windows 7. It can work sometimes. If there is no solution, right-click again and select “Run As Administrator”.

Turn down chart settings

You may be getting this error if you are using high graphics settings to force your graphics card. At least it may be useful to temporarily reduce the graphics resolution to try it out.

Edit TXT file

Open the directory where CS:GO is installed. It’s usually C:Program it is located in a directory such as FilesSteamsteamappscommonCounter Strike Global Offensive. From this directory, access the csgocfg folder and video.open the txt file from Notepad. He later said, “ setting.locate the” mem_level “ line. Replace the digit “2” opposite this text with “0” and save the file. The problem will be solved.






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