Crime Life: Gang Wars

Crime Life: Gang Wars is a computer game delivered for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The game is a fictionalized reproduction of gang wars, with the game play zeroed in on road battles including many gang individuals without a moment’s delay. Weapons incorporate slugging sticks, lead lines, sledges and firearms. The game incorporates more than 25 story-mode missions, just as some free-play missions. Free meander is likewise accessible as in the famous Grand Theft Auto. The zones are moderately little yet can demonstrate helpful when attempting to find your kindred gang individuals. The game highlights brutal language and savagery is certainly a staple of it. The game’s music is all hip-bounce, mirroring the metropolitan and hip-jump environment of the game. There are different strategies for bringing in cash, going from robbing to robberies. The soundtrack of the game is given by the hip-jump bunch D12, which additionally contributed the similarities and voices for a portion of the game’s key characters.

This game has been refered to for joining free-meander components like Grand Theft Auto, and beat them ups like Final Fight.




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