Crazy Taxi 3 Review

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4 min readJul 4, 2022
Crazy Taxi 3 Review

A fight for the bread and bread of the most young people in the Las vegas community and Crazy taxis!! the first two versions were released on the Sega Dreamcast. And now 3. the version came out on the Xbox, as seen with unexpected speed. The game’s producer is Hitmaker, one of the game makers of service Games(Sega), which everyone knows very well.

Taxi’s color is wheat yellow!

Sega, which is currently dedicated only to the Software business, started its Crazy Taxi adventure with the Hitmaker four years ago, as you may recall, and added its lull with the first version of Crazy Taxi(oh, I collected it :)). Sega played its last trump card on the Dreamcast with CT2 and gave its support to the Xbox by releasing High Roller later this month, and they gave it the impression that they would be permanent in the software business, although they could not be in the hardware business.

The air of the tire must be swollen

As in the first two games, the goal is the same in CT3; collect the jerks placed in circles( as in the second version, we can take four at a time) and leave them where they want as quickly as possible. High roller features the West Coast in the first version, the Small Apple in the second version, and the newly designed glitter Oasis maps. In addition, customers on these maps treat sorbet according to the pulse is a separate issue. In the previous two games, they responded to beautiful movements such as Slalom and Jumping with phrases such as “wow” or “you are great driver” and a lot of money(yeah). And in High Roller, they’re crazy in almost the same proportion as the drivers you manage in customers.In other words, there are about 10–15 customer types, and all of these groups make all kinds of attractions in the car. Let me point out that, bunuda, onuda(aa I think I’m crazy) CT3'te 4 there are drivers. Axel, B.D Joe, Gena and Gus. Another feature that appears in the second version (OK OK this is the end :)) is Crazy Hop; that is, the ability to jump at any time has also been added to the High Roller.

It doesn’t matter, Day or midnight

Besides Crazy Jump, brand new special moves have been added to the game. In Crazy dash, the car goes into turbo mode for two minutes and gets great speed. And in Crazy drift, you can suddenly stop the car, no matter how fast you speed. But to make these special moves, you need to please customers and raise a lot of money in this way.

Of course, there’s a way to please these customers and make a lot of money. All you have to do at first is not take more than two customers in a taxi. Because you leave all this in separate places, and the spaces are quite far apart. Also, time is shorter than when one or two people are taken. And when they can’t get customers where they want on time, as you know, they jump down. One of the other things you need to do is to take the customer to the location he wants in a way that is accident-free, while taking the road, beautiful slalom, on-site jumps, decks and short roads by going to beautify

This is Crazy taxi stop!

In addition to the Arcade and Original Mode that we just introduced in high roller, there is a Crazy X Mode that we previously knew as”Crazy Box” or “Crazy Pyramid”. In this mode, you are given various tasks and asked to finish within the desired time interval. For example, if we give an example, throwing a huge ball off a cliff by making a Crazy Hop, trying to overthrow all the Labutes placed in front of you. Of course, when you do these things, you try not to finish the time you are given, which usually does not exceed a minute. As these difficult mini-games go, new ones open, and when you finish them all, you open dozens of new streets or districts. In addition, a record was set in each mini-game. I’ll say one more thing about it; Arcade and Original modes pass out after a while playing. So I recommend dealing with Crazy X, because the taste of this game doesn’t just come out of carrying drivers.

Crazy chart

The graphics of the game are considered extremely good. Some may not like it, but the graphics are more cartoon-like than the Dreamcast versions. Car modeling is great. We can’t say external modeling is bad, but it’s almost the same as before. Sometimes you can witness a dazzling environment, but it’s still an exception. I especially liked the character modeling. It looks like the drivers jumped out of there when the Crazy Taxi cartoon was made(höö). At one point we heard that the film was being made, but then we didn’t hear, let’s do it decently…

Crazy sound and music

Well-known songs from Bad Religion and offspring were used. I don’t need to say that this music is beyond incredible. The sounds are much better dubbed than the first two games. Conversations between the driver and the customer were calculated based on events. So as long as you make nice moves, they scream for joy. But when accidents start, they react. Of course, they show their reactions both aloud and financially. The controls are as easy as they should be in an Arcade game.

As a result

High Roller is currently one of Xbox’s favorite games. As you can see from what I’ve told you, it’s a pretty good game. The only problem for playing this game is that Xbox is not common in our country. But it’s still a game that Crazy Taxi patients like me shouldn’t miss.