Blood Omen 2 Review

About 3–4 years ago, I started with Grand Theft Auto to be a bad guy in games.Later, Blood Omen and the Vampire I am seriously villain from behind : The Masquerade’s here.The game was really well prepared.Subject Content graphics are flawless sayılabilirdi.Ve after you, Soul Reaver.I got used to being the bad guy and it gave me more pleasure.Months and years passed, but no other play was produced in that taste.Later, EIDOS again released Soul Reaver 2, followed by Blood Omen 2.Yes, our review will be on Blood Omen 2.First, let’s start with the installation.The game gives us 2 options either 1Gb or 2Gb.My advice is to install 2Gb if you have a place.So the game’s videos are faster than on your hard drive he won’t work and spoil your mood. After the installation is finished, we enter the game and welcome us to the opening intro.I advise you not to skip this intro (I usually skip it). Because it’s almost all about that video. In summary, our character Kain has fallen into a long sleep (about 200 years), he dreams that there will be a war and he will die.After that, he wakes up and starts working(!).

The game is played as a Third Person, that is, with a view from the top and a mouse keyboard.The fact that the loading is very short provides a huge plus to the game. Given the details of the charts, it’s interesting that it took so long. At first, we are waiting for another educational vampire. A female vampire reminds us of values we’ve forgotten. There are 2 indicators on the left side of the screen. The red one shows blood. Blood is a very important element in this game. What we normally call Health is blood here. You die when it’s over. It doesn’t have to be someone to hit you to end it. He can also come at certain intervals of time.

The controls are not very problematic.Made in the classic Tomb Raider style. I mean, it doesn’t push you, you can easily get used to it. Extra than usual, there are 3 keys to protect, drink blood and focus on the person you are going to fight. Other than that, the rest is the controls we know. Protection is very necessary for you during a fight. You can meet your opponent’s kick and collect power. And when you encounter any enemy, you need to focus directly, or you can’t hold your shots.In fact, this event is not very Foreign, it was the same in Soul Reaver.It can take a while to get used to using it.

The charts are as good as expected.Especially the fight scenes are beautifully fictionalized.There are only small things that stand out. For example, when 3 people attack you at the same time, only 1 person attacks you, the other two are waiting. It seems a little weird. Also, a lot of characters were used. We don’t always see the same enemies in the game. Artificial intelligence doesn’t seem to be very good at first. But I think it’s really hard for your well-made enemies to kill you, because you’re a vampire, and I think that’s what it should be. The videos are made in good quality. Especially when you drink the blood of the people you kill, the deceptions are really beautiful. But it gets a little boring when you get ahead of yourself in the game.

And it’s time for perhaps the most attractive part of the game, your vampire abilities called Dark Gift.Actually, they’re not very foreign to us. Currently, Jedi Knight 2 has such powers. We first met them seriously in Vampire : The Masquerade.Vampire abilities.First, we select them by pressing the Dark Gifts key, and then we add functionality with the Use Gifts key in the game. I’ll explain a few, and you discover the rest.Jump allows you to jump forward in the necessary places in a lot of excess of normal. In most places in the game, you use this ability. But what I don’t understand is why there’s a jump forward and no jump up?? Anyway, let’s not dig too hard. After selecting this ability from the Dark Gifts menu, an animation comes out when you use it in the game.This animation shows you where to jump.If White is selected, we can’t jump, if Blue is selected, we can jump.After making the necessary adjustments, we press Use and jump where we want with a little video.

Another ability is to enter the form of Mist, that is, smoke. If we can use it, the places need to be smoky. We can’t use that ability in a Normal open place. We can be invisible when we use it where necessary. So if you want, you can get away from there without infecting your enemy, or you can get behind him and make a death blow. Only occasionally do you risk getting caught, people who try to hit something they don’t see can sometimes find you.Dec. Dec.

Sometimes you don’t want to walk all the way there to press those boring buttons. At this moment, your Charm talent helps you. Thanks to this ability, you can control normal people living in cities. We also use this ability in most places in the game. Fury, we can’t always use that talent. During the fight, the horizontal indicator above the blood indicator begins to fill as it meets the blows by pressing the guard. After reaching a certain level, your gun or hand becomes red. That’s when you can use Fury. As soon as you use it, you hit the other person much faster and stronger than usual.

The chapters occasionally feature small puzzles waiting for you to decipher. But fortunately, you can solve it in a short time, which is not overrated. The more you skip episodes or kill a lot of people, the more new ones aren’t added to your Dark gifts. When you kill some vampires on the subject, you have these abilities by taking their souls. As for the music and sounds, something that we have never encountered before in any game has been made in this game. When you meet your enemy, the music can react accordingly. It’s a little hard to explain, but you’ll definitely notice when you play the game. With the animations in the fight scenes, the sounds are well tuned. It’s really great, especially when Kain fights with his bare hands.

In the game, we don’t just fight with our bare hands. We can also get weapons from our enemies.Among them are various swords. At this stage, the game is somewhat reminiscent of Blade of Darkness. But as soon as you drink the blood of the people you kill, you find yourself in a very different world.

Final words:

As a fan of Vampire : The Masquerade style, it was really fun to manage the bloodthirsty vampire as a villain. And I’ve been praying for a game like this ever since the game ended. Fortunately, my voice was heard and Soul Reaver came out. As I played, I saw that he had a line of his own. More puzzles, less battle. At this point, Blood Omen 2 came out and took me back to Old Times.It cost a lot to ask for 2Gb of space to install, but believe me, I forgot all about it after I started playing. It’s definitely the game I expected. I think he’ll play with your love. Good games for all of you.




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