Beats Review

Beats, which resembles an interactive music app rather than a game, was offered as a download via the PlayStation Store for a very affordable price, such as$ 5. The production has a structure that draws your MP3s on the PSP memory card to its list and uses them in a rhythm-based action game. In this way, you also have the pleasure of listening to your own music throughout the game.

With a simple interface, Beats has animated backgrounds, decidedly different visual effects and, of course, plenty of floating action keys. In a game that has two main modes: Challenge and Jamming, the challenge mode creates your standard rhythm game, while you can play free style in Jamming mode. You’ll probably spend most of your time in Challenge mode, which has an addictive feature. After determining the music that is in the production or you have selected from your memory card, the game prepares a rhythm for you according to the difficulty level you have selected, and then the music enters. In this way, three different targets appear on the screen. Targets slide from the left center and right of the screen, heading towards the button point in the center of the screen. Targets consist of the Triangle, Circle, Cross and square keys found on the PSP and the target symbol is asked to be pressed when they come into the round in the center. Each target matches a tempo, and pressing the right symbol at the right time returns as the tempo comes out at the pace it should be.

Disco Partizani

The combo meter, located on the right side of the screen, rises with the correct tempo, i.e. symbols, which are printed repeatedly. However, if you can also press special symbols that appear on the screen from time to time, the combo meter has extra values for a short time. As each successful tempo pressed returns you as points, it becomes important to earn extra points with combos. In the production, there is a part where you can prepare your own remixes. With the L and R shoulder keys, we can access the instrument Bank where the samples are located. In a production where we can use more than one sample at a time, we can record our work and listen to it later. However, we are allowed to submit our records to other users by sending them online. You can download the work done by other people in the same way. You can also play the remixes you made as a new episode in Challenge Mode.

During the game, 70 different visual effects in the background accompany you in accordance with the music. They react to successfully captured symbols in different visual ways. In addition, combos result is followed in different effects that are much more pleasing to the eye. It may take some time to figure out how Multiplayer mode and content sharing work. It is also said that new downloadable content will be released in the future. In the production, which is visually quite colorful, vitality is provided in accordance with the rhythms. It can be said that the difference between difficulty levels is balanced. The fact that even Metal music is at a playable level in the game indicates that the system works fine. Beats is a good opportunity for those who are tired of classic productions and want to try something different. Especially the fact that it can be downloaded at a price like$ 5 increases its appeal. It’s worth a try…




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