Beach Life: Spring Break Review

Beach Life: Spring Break Review

For some reason, I haven’t been able to play tycoon-style games since I can remember. But since I can’t play myself, I enjoy watching my juniors play. I’ve only been able to play a few of these games properly so far. I had a taste of Tycoon-style games, but I still couldn’t handle every game. When I heard a game called Beach Life, I thought of the tycoon type. It’s the first time I’ve seen a game like this. Your goal is to create as high-quality a resort as possible in the area given to you and break the money. Perhaps the first tycoon game I played with ease and enjoyed incredibly, although its gameplay, graphics and subject matter.

From here, please go ahead…

After you throw the shock of the chicks on the splash screen, you will notice the 2 options in front of you. With the Sandbox option, you can play anywhere according to your own head. You’re given an empty space, and the rest belongs to you. In the Start option, you need to do the tasks given in the places you choose. In general, most buildings are installed. When you scroll through the Start section and open new places, the places are automatically included in the sandbox option. And the tasks go from simple to difficult. At first, you have to build a certain money or 3–4 buildings, while in the future you encounter much more difficult tasks. The game has exactly 12 episodes.

Did you get the Sun Oil?

Another feature that makes the game attractive is that everything that should be in a Summer Place is included in the game. There are 50 different buildings we can build. Nightclubs, bars, casinos, shopping shops, discos, water slides, pools, even showers that we use before we go to sea. All the holiday items you can think of are in the game. It’s not just the buildings, it’s all the employees who should be in a resort. Lifeguards, security guards, construction Masters, cleaners, DJs. Buildings are interactive. When the electricity isn’t enough, the lights don’t come on or when it breaks down, you have to fix it. It’s all up to you for customer satisfaction.

Why doesn’t anyone come to a place like Abi Killop?

As I said, customer satisfaction depends entirely on you, when this happens, you actually get a lot more than you think. First, you must follow the continuous messages at the bottom of the screen and fulfill the requests of the customers. As you fulfill these requests, your village gains stars. Building a 5-star resort is actually not very difficult. The hard part is being able to keep the 5 Stars stable. You should also take care of your employees who work with you next to the customers. If you don’t give them the money they want, they can quit. Or they do it unhappily, taking things too slowly. You determine the hours between which workers will work. For example, at night, the environment gets incredibly polluted. The environment is dirty, of course, reducing customer satisfaction and, naturally, the quality of the space. As a precaution, you can solve this by assigning some of the cleaners to night hours. It’s the same situation with broken tools or the safety of the environment.

Brother, give me some tactics…

I’d like to give you a few clues about the game. First, most customers will leave the hotel at first. Don’t mind that much. There will be losses until we install the system. Especially keep food and entertainment venues plentiful. Be sure to have a place where people can hang out at night. Adjust employees by dividing them into individual hours. Don’t leave the environment empty at any hour. You never know what’s going to break down. Run some of the cleaners after 3 a.m. In this way, they will easily clean the dirty places all night in the morning. Don’t play with pricing at first. Your hotel 5. after receiving the star, lower the prices a little and set up extra places to stay. Every building is checked at a certain time. Pull these clocks back a little so that everything is clean and tidy. Place trees, flowers to make the environment look more beautiful.

Brother, we definitely tore it up this time!

The graphics and sounds are neither missing nor too much to suit such games. You can zoom in on the screen or look further back. Even though it’s 2d, it looks very good to the eye. One of the reasons Tycoon games are so popular is because they don’t really want powerful machines. At Beach life, it can easily work on a low machine in the same way. Many different models are made for customers. Each has its own tastes. Some do not eat fast food style, while others can form queues in front of fast food shops. Speaking of queues, most of the time customers say they don’t want to wait in line. Naturally, you’re building another one from the same building. But this time, they’re queuing in front of the building you just built. They don’t even come by the old one. I’d expect a company that makes most features pretty good to pay attention to that. The fact that buildings cannot be built immediately and demolished also gives a very logical and separate pleasure. There’s not much in the game as a voice. He usually plays music anyway. The music is entirely in mp3 format. If you want, you can edit the soundtrack folder according to your head.

Final Words :

Beach Life is the first tycoon game that I really enjoy playing and don’t get bored with. Both doing tasks and creating a resort in my own way is very enjoyable. The fact that he doesn’t want a high Machine gives the game a huge plus. If you’re interested in tycoon games, you don’t get it for sure, if you say I’m not very good at it, Beach life will be a very good start for you.



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