Battlefield Mobile Game Announced

Battlefield Mobile Game Announced

A new game from the popular war game series Battlefield has been announced for mobile devices. New details have also been shared for the new Battlefield, which will be released for consoles and PC.

A new game from Battlefield, one of the most popular video game series in the gaming world, was recently announced for mobile devices. According to the announcement, Industrial Toys, the mobile game studio of Electornic Arts, is currently working with DICE on the Mobile Battlefield game.

The Mobile Battlefield game, which has not yet been fully shared, plans to bring experiences from the classic Battlefield game to smartphones and tablets. Oskar Gabrielson, dice’s Managing Director, said: “no doubt this will be a completely independent game. It’s completely separate from the game we developed for console and PC. A game specifically designed for mobile.” said.

He also said that the distinguishing features of the Battlefield game are the destructible environment and a high number of players, and they also aim to offer these features in the mobile game. Mobile Battlefield is expected to debut in 2022.


Finally, Oskar Gabrielson also mentioned the game Battlefield, which will be released for consoles and PC, albeit briefly. Gabrielson, who says they are currently testing the game, says the new game has taken a bold step. According to him, the game contains all the favorite sides of the battlefield and takes them to a higher level.

Unfortunately, the release date and gameplay details of the game are unclear. A formal announcement is expected in the next few months.




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