Asheron’s Call Review

Asheron's Call Review

Most of us have never even heard of Asheron’s Call. And you know it can’t be heard.- Why ? Because the game is, after all, sold only in America. In addition, it is very difficult to find. After all, when you face all kinds of difficulties and get the game, you will think that this game is the most beautiful FRP game.

What I said Yeah I’m really serious…”You will live in another world in the same way as you live in this world.”if I said, Maybe I would explain the theme of the game in its shortest and most concise form.

The game is only played over the internet, and fortunately, like other games, there is no evil called lag. You create yourself in the game. Not only that, but you can belong to all kinds of classes. For example, when I first bought Baldur’s Gate 2, I thought how much class it was, but when I saw this game, I realized that this game was nothing. The game is endless, and one of the strangest things during the game is being able to marry someone else in the game. Of course, I’d say this is the smallest detail of the game.

In the game, instead of creatures like the goblin that we know, there are different creatures, and each of these creatures has its own way of living; some travel alone, while others continue their lives in a herd. If you remain dead for 2 days with the actual time when you die during the game, your body begins to rot, and your belongings before you die also decrease every day. Of course, once you die in the game, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play again (if that were the case, I would almost never fight), someone else or wizards take you to the temples and make you live there again.

In addition, each class has its own feature in the game. As an example,sorcerers are my favorite class,so let me give them an example; there are 2 types of sorcerers who can wear the first type of armor that can run fast, and the other one that runs very slowly, who immediately dies in the first times, but can perform countless spells a day, which I like more. Because I think armor and arrows for Wizards are absurd.

Of course, the level is very important in the game. Your strength can be more or less depending on your level. Naturally, an advanced level makes you stronger. The game maps are endless and also there are so many worlds to choose from in the game. Weapons are also, of course, Infinite, for example, Diablo and other FRP games do not have a lot of weapons. Also, your wand is not 4–5 uses, as in Baldur’s Gate, on the contrary, the wand has a certain meaning, and when it is finished, it can be filled with mana stones. In the game, you find your own magic, and if I have to advise you, I say don’t share these spells with anyone. Otherwise, the force of your spell will decrease many times. But it still depends on you…

At the beginning of the game, the important step is to get other strong players as bosses. They can help you more than you want. The most important of these aids is undoubtedly the valuable money they give you and the weapons.

If the game had given a little more attention to the graphics as well as the details, maybe today would have been a much, much more game. However, depending on your 3D card, you can watch more vivid and high-quality graphics. It’s a game that should never be missed as a result.



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