Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Review

It’s The Last tango we’ll do with the commandos now. Previously announced that this will be the last game in the Commandos series, Commandos 3 Destination Berlin has been released. I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m waiting for some changes that will create a special or bomb effect on the market from the latest games of this type of hit series. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find it at Commandos 3 Destination Berlin or Championship Manager season 03/04. From that point of view, it was kind of a disappointment for me in those two games.

But if we look…

Virtua Tennis Review

Yeah, yeah, I want a tennis game that’s over the top,you know??? You haven’t had a proper one in years. If there is a fiasco at Virtua Tennis, which I will examine now, I will have to punish you(!).. We don’t want anyone getting hurt, do we?

They haven’t really played a proper game of tennis in years. In fact, there are many tennis games, but for some reason, none of them were much liked by players who could not hold on to the market. I think Virtua Tennis is much better than the others. You ask why?

Because it’s really fun…

Dungeon Siege Review

For an editor, the most enjoyable game to review is probably the game he’s been waiting for for months. About 7–8 months ago, I heard that Microsoft was going to release a game called Dungeon Siege. At first, I didn’t think it would be a very good game. There was never that kind of game when it was announced. Then we watched their video, and I think they made a good game this time. Finally, it was time, and Dungeon Siege was released. Of course, I started playing mouthwatering.

Dungeon Siege is a game that does not fall into a certain…

Never Winter Nights Review

I’m sure the new games that came with the summer have affected all of you. Of these kinds of games that appeal to everyone’s taste, Warcraft III has made the most of the lull. Although WC3, which sets a throne in the hearts of players with its brand new gameplay and wonderful theme, seems to be the first in such games, it is nothing more than the rebirth of a legend. That’s what makes Neverwinter Nights so valuable to us. It’s a first of its kind and eliminates the limit of movement in games. After this game, nothing may be…

OPPO A54 Review

Without exhausting the budget, we examine the OPPO A54 in all its details, which can be a good option for those looking for a good smartphone at an affordable price.

OPPO has managed to gradually increase its brand awareness every year with its entry into the Turkish Sunday market and currently has a large user base. Especially recently, OPPO, which shifted one leg of production planning to Turkey, thus exceeded the issue of localization and presented us with 2 models produced in our country so far. Of these, OPPO a15s and OPPO Reno5 Lite models have been examined before. In the…

Valve Can Keep Steam Deck Fury Going

Valve seems to want to continue the “mini-computer” trend that will begin with the Steam Deck.

Greg Coomer, one of Valve’s steam Deck designers, stated that the firm “plans to continue manufacturing devices in this area.” Although Coomer wants players to make the Steam Deck the first choice, he says he would be happy to have other manufacturers in the industry.

Valve wants to pioneer a new industry with Steam Deck

Gabe Newell, in an interview about 1 month ago, said that other companies are also leading the way in entering this field and aim to achieve long-term gains with the sector they…

Bethesda builds new game studio for remakes

According to a recent rumor, Bethesda may be building a new game studio that will focus on remakes and remasters.

Games evolved over the years and that has been published, which has become one of the most popular companies in the world of Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield productions of large, such as busy with recently, although the company will focus on remasterlar remake old games and new game studio plans to build a rumor that came out. …

Adding Night Mode to Xbox controllers and consoles

Night Mode, a feature that has been expected by gamers for quite some time, will soon be added to Xbox controllers and consoles.

Microsoft is working on a new Night Mode feature for Xbox controllers and consoles. The Night Mode feature, which is being tested with the Xbox Insiders program, allows Xbox owners to adjust their screens, controller LED brightness, and even the brightness of the Xbox power button. This update, which is thought to be officially coming soon, is yet to be tested exclusively on Xbox Insiders.

Adding Night Mode to Xbox controllers and consoles

With the Night Mode feature to be…

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe Review

The team that lost when the match was over was a redhead team that embarrassed all its fans with its football like a timid cat, even though it played on its own field. Redhead and all the fans had the honor of tasting more than disappointment at the end of 90 minutes. These worthless football players with a wad of money in their pockets would now take their vile football that they had watched the entire game and go into the dressing room and then into the sheep of their model lovers and find the solace of the night. What’s…

D-Day Review

Another was added to the World War II games; D-Day. In this game, the events that began with the landing of American soldiers in Normandy are simulated. And you control the soldiers, tanks and all the rest of the equipment from a view from the hill. At the beginning of the game, you are told what to do. And you’re trying to do it with all your strategy genius.

The game is not exactly a produce-attack strategy. You are given various soldiers and tanks at the beginning of the game. You’re trying to complete the mission using them. One or two…

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